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File Problems

Dear Coban Tun,

I am sorry you had difficulty with the RealAudio Files downloading.

The directions I give for these files apply to NetScape and workalike 
browsers. When they are asked to access a RealAudio file without a 
RealAudio player, they automatically download the file.

It is still necessary to have the RealAudio Player to play them once they 
are downloaded. It can be downloaded free from <http://www.realaudio.com> 

I receive these files already encoded as RealAudio files. Once they have 
been processed, it is not possible to convert they to another format, as 
it would be if they were .wav or .aif files.

Most difficulties hearing or downloading the RA files can be traced to 
high traffic on the internet between the server and the customer. The 
best solution is to try again when usage is not as high. If an icon with 
the RA logo and the file name downloads to you computer, you can double 
click on that to reconnect to the file without opening your browser. That 
makes it easier to find a time when you can hear them best.

Thank you for your encouragement and appreciation. Please let me know 
what can be done to improve this service.

peace and Courage,