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Inside News :ABSL

  Bombs explode in Mandalay 

  October 24,1996

  In  the  early morning  of October  24,   a bomb  was side  to be
  exploded  in the front  door of Daewoo  electronic service centre
  cum  sale room,   which is  located between  81 street  and 25/26
  street in Mandalay.

  Simultaneously,  another  bomb  was  exploded  near  the  TV  and
  Telecommunication  office located in the  corner of 80 street and
  26  street-B.  No one got injury in this explosion,  according to
  the report.

  The  region controlled  media did  not cover  this news  nor made
  confirmation.  It was coincided with RIT students protest against
  the ruling military region better known as SLORC.

  Information Department 
  ABSL( Manipur Regional Office)


  Another burden on Tamu 
  The district LORC ordered

  Oct 24, 1996.

  One  person from  every household of  Tamu district  to guard the
  town daily from 9 P.M.  to 6 A.M.  A person who fail to serve his
  assignment had to pay 100 Kyats as a fine.  "Previously,  we have
  to  pay fine  for the  absence in  force labour  contribution and
  again  we have to pay for  this burden",  one civilian said.  The
  district  LORC reportedly said that civilians were order to guard
  the   localities  in  order  to  catch  pro-  democracy  students
  operating on Indo-Burma border.

  Information Department
  ABSL (Manipur Regional Office)


  Tamu intelligence personnel caught in their own trap

  Oct 21, 1996

  Intelligence  personal  led  by  Hla  Moe  (MI-17)  and  Myint Oo
  (narcotics) set a trip to arrest arms dealer in Tamu.  On Oct 21,
  Thein  Lwin,  an information  made a business  appointment with U
  Aung Kyaw,  the arms smuggler,  in the house of U Kyin,  near the
  church.   Intelligence personnel had paid  45,000 Rupees to Thein
  Lwin  as a decoy money in order  to gain trust of U Aung Kyaw.But
  when  intelligence personnel reached  to the said  place,  U Aung
  Kyaw had already disappeared together with 45,000 Rupees.  Only U
  Kyin   and  Thein   Lwin  (informer)   remained  in   the  house.

  *100 Rupees=420 Kyats(Current Exchange rate on India-
  Burma border)

  Information Department
  ABSL (Manipur Regional Office)


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