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BurmaNet News November 15, 1996

"Appropriate Information Technologies, Practical Strategies" 

The BurmaNet News: November 15, 1996
Issue #570


November 13, 1996

Here is a piece of info on how the SLORC orchestrates recent mob attacks on
Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and the NLD.

The source is our "spider" in the SLORC (Note: Kyat is Burmese currency.
The official exchange rate of Kyat is approx. $1 =5.50 kyat).  It is also
learned that Military Intelligence Chief and SLORC Secretary No. 1 General
Khin Nyunt and his deputy Colonel Kyaw Win are making attempts to distance
themselves from the recent attacks.

"It is confirmed that there are two groups prepared by the SLORC to
totally stop Daw Aung San Suu Kyi's weekend speeches and gathering.

Group one       called  TAIK KHAIT YE - Combat units paid 500 Kyat/day
Group Two       called  A YAN TAT     - reserve units paid 75 Kyat/day

The local transport authority has to provide ten cars / township on the
weekends so that these groups can mobilize.

The USDA is using 250,000 Kyat/ week for each townsnhip in Rangoon to
mobilize the USDA.

In spite of this, there is difficulty in USDA mobilization as the public 
disappears as soon as the cars arrive.

In order to solve that problem, the SLORC has moved in about 800 young
individuals from the military and the police units and kept them ready at
the KYAIKKASAN*  grounds.

*Kyaikkasan is the name of the fairground and the old race track in Rangoon.


November 14, 1996

The Burmese military officers known as SLORC-the State Law and Order
Restoration Council-have behaved like gangsters ever since they disregarded
the 1990 election that gave Nobel Peace Prize laureate Aung San Suu Kyi's
National League for Democracy an overwhelming mandate to govern the
country.  But last weekend they attained a new low, bringing young toughs
to Rangoon and directing them to assault Suu Kyi and members of her party.

The lady, as she is called by her supporters, was not intimidated by the
rocks, the shattering glass or the man with the knife.  "The whole thing
was carefully orchestrated by the authorities," Suu Kyi said after the
assault. "What kind of government is it that allows such hooliganism?"

The United States should give a clear and forceful answer to her rhetorical
question.  The SLORC is not a government but a criminal conspiracy.

Republican Sen. John McCain of Arizona beclouded that point this week when
he said, during a visit to Rangoon, that the criminals in power there ought
to hurry up and finish their phony new constitution and conduct a
referendum.  Nobody with any street smarts takes seriously the SLORC's
rigged constitutional convention.  It is as if Al Capone were to don a
Jeffersonian wig.  The authentic referendum was held in May 1990.  It was a
democratic election. The result was that Suu Kyi's party won more than 80
percent of the seats in Burma's parliament.

President Clinton, who is preparing for a trip to Asia, should deliver an
unmistakable message to the SLORC: Washington will work with the European
Union and the Association of Souutheast Asian Nations to impose sanctions
on the SLORC if junta does not cease threatening Suu Kyi and refusing her
offers for political dialogue and national reconciliation.


November 13, 1996

RANGOON, Nov. 13 (UPI) _ Burmese military authorities accused opposition
leader Aung San Suu Kyi and her supporters Wednesday of trying to
sabotage the country's economic development.

Western diplomats and other observers said they viewed the vilification
campaign in the country's official media as an ominous prelude to
possible further mob violence against Suu Kyi's National League for
Democracy or even an assassination attempt against her.

In a development viewed by some as ominous, virtually all foreign
journalists in Burma were ordered to leave the country by Wednesday.

``There is a very tiny group of undesirable elements trying to disrupt
our progress,'' said Brig. Gen. Win Tin, Burma's finance and revenue
minister, in a speech published Wednesday by the government-run New
Light of Myanmar newspaper.

``It includes none other than Mrs. Aris and a handful of persons who are
attempting to let Myanmar (Burma) be viewed from a negative outlook by
the international community.''

Burmese military leaders refer to Aung San Suu Kyi as Mrs. Aris and have
attempted to disqualify her from engaging in local politics because she
is married to British academic Michael Aris.

Speaking at a ceremony Tuesday night marking the opening of the Rangoon
office of the Korea First Bank, Win Tin said despite the NLD's
disruptive influence, Burma has achieved a growth rate of 9.8 percent in
the 1995-96 fiscal year and foreign investment has reached $5 billion.

His criticism of Suu Kyi and her supporters came on the heels of a
government commentary Tuesday in the New Light of Myanmar warning some
of her followers may be plotting to ``sacrifice'' her.

``It should be borne in mind that those people would sacrifice her and
create their own scenario if they consider it would be more profitable
than using her alive,'' the commentary said. ``No one can say with
certainty that there is no schemer among those closely surrounding Suu
Kyi and those she deems trustworthy, who in reality plot to sacrifice
her as a dual stroke to clear up complications.''

The strongly worded commentary accused Suu Kyi of attempting to destroy
``prospects for stability of the state with her fangs.''

It also attempted to justify last Saturday's attack by about 200
club-wielding, stone-throwing men on Suu Kyi's motorcade by saying Suu
Kyi's pro-democracy campaign was hurting those at the bottom of Burmese

Suu Kyi, who narrowly escaped injury from a hail of stones and ball
bearings fired from slingshots, charged the attack was orchestrated by
the ruling junta in an attempt to demonstrate popular opposition to her.

Eye-witnesses said the attackers included men with walkie-talkies and an
army colonel.

Local analysts said they feared the official media's references to
alleged plotters within Suu Kyi's inner circle could be laying the
groundwork for an attempt on her life.

``These nasty attacks in the New Light of Myanmar and other propaganda
is targeted at everybody, local public opinion and the foreign press,''
said one senior European diplomat. ``I think they want to impress her
and show there is strong dissatisfaction with her.''

``This is a new step and of course more dangerous,'' said the
Rangoon-based diplomat. ``Tension is rising every day.''


November 13, 1996

French firm committed to $1.4b Myanmar project

     KANBAUK (Myanmar) -- France's Total SA said on Monday that its US$1
billion (S$1.4 billion) project to pump gas overland to Thailand from its
Myanmar offshore Yadana field was on track and would meet the July 1998

     "Everything is going on as scheduled and we have no doubt about meeting
the deadline. We believe we can complete all works by July 1998 when
production will commence," said Mr Herve Madeo, general manager of Total
Myanmar Exploration and Production.

     He told a group of foreign correspondents visiting Total's facilities
at Kanbauk in southern Myanmar that so far about 60 per cent of the total
project cost had been utilized.

     The project to extract and pipe gas from the Yadana field in the
Andaman Sea off southern Myanmar was signed with national oil company
Myanmar Oil and Gas Enterprise (Moge) in 1992.

     Total holds a 31.24 per cent share in the project to produce gas for 30
years and pipe it through a 409 km off- and on-shore pipeline to Thailand.

     The Yadana gas field is estimated to contain over 1.4 trillion cu m of
gas. Total said the field was expected to produce 18 million cu m of gas per
day of which 14 million cu m would be piped to Thailand and another 3.5
million cu m for domestic Myanmar use.

     On the Thai preparations Mr Madeo said: "At the last meeting they
informed us that they are on schedule."

     When the project comes on stream in mid-1988, revenues will amount to
about US$400 million annually of which 50 per cent would go to the Myanmar

     Meanwhile, in Yangon, a commentary in the state-run New Light of
Myanmar yesterday blamed pro-democracy activist Aung San Suu Kyi for
Saturday's incident in which her vehicle was stoned.

     The commentary said that Ms Aung San Suu Kyi was "tops in committing
disruptive acts" and had brought the attack on herself. 


November 14, 1996
Mae Hong Son

Former drug warlord Khun Sa's freedom of movement has been restricted to
Rangoon while his request to return to live out his life in Ho Mong, Shan
State was rejected, according to his close aide.

Since the capitulation of his Mong Tai Army to the State Law and Order
Restoration Council (Slorc) in January this year, Khun Sa has lived in a
house in Rangoon under tight guard by Burmese soldiers.

The former kingpin opium producer and supplier is also closely guarded by
Burmese troops whenever he travels, said the close aide who declined to be

He is allowing to run a jewelry business involving Singapore and Taiwan,
but it is supervised by Slorc leaders.

The aide said Khun Sa requested Burmese authorities that he be allowed to
live out the rest of his life in Ho Mong, the MTA's former stronghold.

But Slorc turned down the request fearing he would be attacked by Shan
military who are angry about his decision to surrender MTA troops to the
Rangoon junta.

After his surrender, Khun Sa was sold-out by his close aides whom he had
authorized to manage his business in Ho Mong in his absence. After he had
left for Rangoon in February, they transferred 20 million baht of Khun Sa's
money from a bank and reportedly bought 15-20 houses in Mae Hong Son
province. (BP)


November 8, 1996 (The New Light of Myanmar)

Yangon 7 Nov --Tourism Development Management Committee [TDMC] held its
meeting 4/96 in Mingala Hall in Inya Lake Hotel here at 1 pm today with an
address by Chairman of TDMC Secretary-1 of the State Law and Order
Restoration Council Lt-Gen Khin Nyunt.

Secretary-1 Lt-Gen Khin Nyunt delivered a speech. He said the meeting was to
discuss arrangements to ensure convenience for high turnout of foreign
tourists at the opening ceremony of 1996 Visit Myanmar [Burma] Year [VMY]
which will be held on 18 November. 

Of preparations regarding the VMY opening, some have been completed and
momentum of efforts must be raised for some, he said. He said unscrupulous
persons and organizations broadcast false, concocted news reports on the
politics or the economy with the aims of bringing the economic development
of the State to a stop, causing development progress of Myanmar to grind to
a halt and creating misleading impressions on Myanmar in other nations of
the world. 

There are persons and organizations with the sole aim of benefiting
themselves with the belief "the more the nation loses, the more they gain"
and without any
consideration for the welfare of the State and economic and social life of
the people, he pointed out. Coinciding with the occasion of 1996 Visit Myanmar
Year, they are not only saying disparagingly that the 1996 VMY programmes
will not be successful and tourists will not come to Myanmar but also
engaged in whispering campaigns that investments from other nations should
not be made in Myanmar as the economy of Myanmar is declining and people
will not get to enjoy benefits from these investments. He stressed the need
to constantly raise the momentum of efforts for the success of the 1996 VMY
despite slanderous talks and concoctions made with low intelligence and mean
thoughts and actions. He gave suggestions on requirements for the opening
ceremony of 1996 VMY. [passage omitted on progressive reports on respective
tasks presented by attendees] Those present put forward suggestions for the
success of 1996 VMY. 

In his discussions of the reports, the Secretary-1 expressed hope for
achieving success of the programmes and said most foreigners who have been
to Myanmar feel pleasant and joyful and usually have a strong desire to
visit the country where there are beautiful landscapes and gentle and
congenial behaviour in cultures and customs. 

The Secretary-1 said truth cannot be hidden despite false news reports of
opportunists who wish to "lay mats after inciting a disturbance at the pwe"
[take advantage of chaotic situation at the public entertainment show], persons
who see to their benefits rather than enhancing the social life of the
people and radio stations which do not bear to see the wellbeing of Myanmar.
He said most people who have been to Myanmar admit that the situation in
Myanmar is
totally different from outside news reports.  He called on the officials to
make preparations and take up measures as necessary to give the tourists,
who will
be visiting after the opening ceremony of 1996 Visit Myanmar Year on 18
November, a feeling which will remain in their hearts. 


November 9, 1996

[Report on news conference by ASEAN Secretary General Ajit Singh, with
recorded question and answer session in English with Ajit Singh and local
and foreign correspondents, held in Rangoon on 9 November] 

[Translated Excerpt] Before leaving Myanmar [Burma], Datuk Ajit Singh,
secretary general of ASEAN who was visiting here at the invitation of
Foreign Minister Ohn Gyaw of the Union of Myanmar Government, held a news
conference at the Yangon [Rangoon] International Airport's Ramada Hotel at
1300 today. [passage omitted on attendees] 

[Begin Ajit Singh recording, in English] Good afternoon distinguished ladies
and gentlemen of the press, as [it] has been announced just now I have just
completed a week-long visit to Myanmar at the invitation of the foreign
minister. The purpose of my visit was to look into the preparations Myanmar
is making for her entry into ASEAN and to see what kind of assistance the
[ASEAN] Secretariat can give or the other members in ASEAN can give so as to
have a smooth transition of Myanmar into ASEAN. So during the course of my
visit here, I have had the privilege of meeting the leaders of Myanmar and I
had discussions with them on the preparations that the Myanmar is making,
and I must say that I've had the very useful exchange of views with them. I
know now better how much prepared Myanmar is, and what kind of assistance
she needs. In addition to that I also had the opportunity to visit
upcountry. I'd been to Pagan, to Taunggyi, Inle Lake. I visited some of the
industrial sites. I visited the container port in Thilawa. I saw the
Ngamoeyeik earth dam. I also visited the Hlaingthaya, I think, industrial
estate. [chuckling] I hope I am doing alright [laughing] and these have been
very interesting visits. [It] has given me a fairly good idea of the kind of
progress that has been made here in this country. So like all things must
come to an end, I'll be taking off in a little while. So, I think, with that
brief introduction, I would rather answer your questions. Thank you. [end

[Announcer] In replying to CNN correspondent Thomas Mintier's question on
timetable for Myanmar's entry into ASEAN, and a question by ASIA TIMES
correspondent (Steven Barry Brutt), Ajit Singh said: 

[Begin recording] [Ajit Singh] Well, as far as the readiness of Myanmar is
concerned we are very pleasantly surprised to find that Myanmar is fairly
advanced in the preparations to join ASEAN. We have the criteria and
conditions for joining ASEAN. We have had to look at those and if you judge
Myanmar by those conditions you would see that they are almost ready. Like,
for instance, one part of the conditions is that you must subscribe to all
political documents, including the Bangkok Declaration of 1967, the Zone of
Peace and Neutrality, the Treaty of Amity and Cooperation which Myanmar has
already signed before she became an observer, the Nuclear Weapons Free Zone,
[and] all the other agreements that the ASEAN has had. I think Myanmar
sees no difficulty in acceding to these agreements. Then there are also the
financial obligations for membership, and, here too, Myanmar sees no
difficulty in meeting all the financial obligations -- the membership
sharing equally in
the cost of running the Secretariat, subscribing to the various funds that
ASEAN has; or even on the financial aspects, I think, they have had no
problems. There are few other conditions like having embassies in all the
other ASEAN countries which they have even long before they applied. And,
you know, question and things like that anyway. On the AFTA [ASEAN
Free-Trade Area] side, we also
very pleasantly surprised to see how far advanced Myanmar really is because
they have all the information now on computers. The Central Statistical
Office is computerized, and its information -- its compilation and collection of
data -- is very advanced and whatever information is needed can be easily
obtained. So we have had no difficulty in getting access into information.
Also the question of the other depth, their laws -- trade laws, investment laws,
company laws -- all that have been made available to us. So the question of
transparency in getting access to the information that we want is not a
problem either. There are other conditions as far as joining AFTA is
concerned: No.1
the granting of MFN [Most Favorite Nation] status to the other ASEAN
countries, and here again Myanmar has been a member of the WTO and she has
been granting MFN to the other countries. So that problem doesn't arise
either. Question of giving national treatment to ASEAN products on a reciprocal
basis, here again it doesn't seem to be a problem because Myanmar is
prepared to undertake all the obligations and responsibilities that imply.
So they gave us our request --the whole tariff code of Myanmar -- and during
the last few
days we have been looking into it and our preliminary examination of the
tariff code of a [pause] tariff lines indicate to us, for instance, that
Myanmar has about over 5,326, I think, tariff lines and out of this over
3,000 and that is all but 60 percent have tariff rate of 0-5 percent, and
that is very low tariff rates. And mind you, the objective of the ASEAN
Free-Trade Area is to bring our tariffs down to 0-5 percent by the year
2003, and 2006 in the case of Vietnam. So, here again, their tariffs are
very low. Of course, we will have to look at the information that
we have in greater details because most of these tariff lines are in the
agricultural sector because quite understandably being agricultural country
there is a heavy emphasis on those agricultural products. Industries [are]
still at a very low level. Therefore, we will continue to discuss with
Myanmar on this information on the tariffs and based on these factors, I
think, Myanmar should have no difficulty in acceding to the ASEAN Free-
Trade Area when she joins. I forgot the second part of your question. 
Please. [Unidentified correspondent] 

[Ajit Singh] You see, Myanmar seems to have a very distinct advantage over
Cambodia and Laos because No.1 Myanmar is a member of the WTO where as
Cambodia and Laos, and even for that matter Vietnam are not. So the question
of MNF doesn't arise as I told you. There is no language problem in this
country. Everywhere I went I have been speaking in English, briefings are
being given to me in English, they speak English very well, all the
officials are very competent, all their laws and rules and regulation in
English. Whereas in the case of Cambodia and Laos they have to be translated
from the their language -- Khmer language or the Lao language -- into
English; and all our ASEAN documents, that I've spoken to you about -- the
Bangkok Declaration, the Treaty of Amity and Cooperation, [and] all the
other documents -- have to be translated from English into their native
languages to enable their officials to understand what those agreements are
about before they can even undertake to subscribe to them. So, you see, they
have a difficult job but not insurmountable as was the case of
Vietnam. Vietnam had to go through this translation process. They translate
all the ASEAN documents into Vietnamese language, and when they were
preparing the AFTA production lists they had to translate everything from
Vietnamese into English and the translation process itself can take about
three or four months. And the state of economy and what we have seen give us
the impression that Myanmar is in a much better position, I mean, better
prepared, let say, and has distinct advantages over Cambodia and Laos. [end
[passage omitted] 

[Announcer] When NHK correspondent (Itsobe) asked whether there is any
condition that Myanmar must a new constitution before joining ASEAN, Ajit
Singh said:  [Begin Ajit Singh recording] I must make it clear that as far
as ASEAN is concerned we do not interfere in the internal affairs of the
country concerned. That is the cardinal principle we have followed right
from the
beginning. We have not questioned any country on its internal political
situation. [end recording] [passage omitted] 
The news conference ended at 1330. 


November 8, 1996  by Kyaw Myint Naing

"Are the So-Called Opposition Elements in Myanmar for or Against Democracy?"

 For a long time I have wanted to write this, because I am angered by
broadcasts from VOA and BBC which encourage Mrs Michael Aris [Aung San Suu
Kyi] and her crowd's anti- State Law and Order Restoration
Council [SLORC] (Government) talks and acts as struggle for democracy, and
also by presentation of a variety of awards to her and making threats to the
Government and giving cover to them to deter the Government from taking
action against them for their law-breaking and violations.  I feel bad
knowing that there are some backward persons who have personality cult are
thinking more and more highly of her on hearing those broadcasts, thinking
and saying that if she were to govern the country, people would enjoy human
rights and democracy immediately and would become rich at once. I want to
write to make such persons know between the bad and the good. However, I had
hesitated until now because I was afraid it might do more harm than good
because of my inadequacy.  I could not help it now. I would like people to
rethink whether the words and actions of Mrs Michael Aris and her crowd and
those of the British, Americans and their accomplices who are supporting her
and encouraging her anti-Government acts as struggle for democracy are
really a struggle for democracy and human rights or just endeavours to get
power, chanting democracy but actually going against democracy. Foreign
broadcasting stations have been airing false propaganda that the Government
is unlawfully oppressing democracy movements of Myanmar [Burmese]
"opposition" democracy forces and the US issued visa restrictions on Myanmar
officials when the Government
deterred her and NLD [National League for Democracy] members' clandestine
schemes to make a declaration on 27 May in collaboration with alien nations
to create disturbances and attempts to hold a conference on 27 September in
synchronization with foreign alien nations to make declarations and demands. 
So, let's examine if their actions are for democracy as they are saying or
actually against democracy, for getting power while shouting democracy. How
will we do that?  We must make an assessment with the following: What is
democracy? When did it begin to emerge? How has it developed? What are the
causes of democracy? Who are the creators of the causes of democracy and who
are the
destroyers? And what is Myanmar's [Burma] current objective situation? 
In reality, democracy is a form of human relation which has three categories
-- economic democracy, political democracy and military democracy. In other
words, it is a relation between men especially a form of relation between
the ruler and the ruled. Its essence is equality and freedom. 

Democracy emerged in the world history during the time when feudalist
society developed into capitalist society. Democracy was a result of
economic progress but not a cause as it is a form of human relationship born
and bred in capitalist economic system. That is why democracy cannot be
given [to] her or any
omnipotent person. We must strive with the unity of the entire people for
national economic progress if we want democracy. 

I have read that Engels, an expert on world economy social research, had
said accumulation of surplus value (profit) and its transformation into
capital and expansion rate and production had been and still was the base
for advancement of the economic, human relations, political, intellectual
and cultural development. Now, let us compare the accomplishments of the State
Law and Order Restoration Council and the acts of Mrs Michael Aris and her

1. The State Law and Order Restoration Council is striving to ensure
community peace and prevalence of law and order.  She and her crowd are
spreading anti-Government sentiments, rumours, instigations and slanders to
the disturbances of 1988 to bring down the State Law and Order Restoration
Council to gain power and are making attempts for foreign nations and the UN
to help them force the State Law and Order Restoration Council to hand over

2. The State Law and Order Restoration Council is endeavouring to achieve
national reconsolidation to strive with earnest efforts for ensure security
of life and property of the people, for achieving internal peace, for
progress of the national economy and political development. She and her
crowd never give priority to or consider national reconsolidation; they just
want power. They are
spreading anti- Government sentiments and slanders all the time with their
credo of dialogue or utter devastation. Instead of heartily supporting the
achievements of peace with armed groups, they are slandering it saying it would
not last long but will be broken soon. 

3. The State Law and Order Restoration Council is patiently holding meetings
for political development, advancement of democracy and emergence of the
State Constitution, which is essential for the nation. She and her crowd
left the National Convention after two years of development with the
participation of
representatives-elect delegates and representatives of NLD. They are now
slandering and making attempts to destroy efforts to draw the Constitution. 

4. The State Law and Order Restoration Council has laid down the four
economic objectives and is striving with its utmost efforts to change over
from manual to mechanized agriculture, to boost fish, prawn and meat
production, to
promote oil, natural gas, gems and mineral production, to develop local
industries, to attract large amounts of investments, to develop
market-oriented economic system and to develop national economy. With these
accomplishments the Government is opening up the economic democracy. All can
witness the everyday national development due to the Government's efforts.
She and her crowd are urging foreign nations not to assist Myanmar [Burma]
and not to make investments, World Bank, Asian Bank and other nations not to
give loans,
tourists not to visit Myanmar and US and allied nations to impose economic
sanctions on the country. These are the attempts to shut off and deter
economic democracy. Thus, although words uttered by her and her crowd are for
democracy their actual actions are anti-democracy. In reality, the Tatmadaw
[the Defense Services] (the State Law and Order Restoration Council), which
has been working day and night with utmost efforts to maintain national
peace and stability, to strengthen national unity and to develop national
economy, is also striving to create causes for development of the nation's
economic and
political democracy. She and her crowd are merely mouthing democracy but in
reality striving with various means to destroy national unity, to cause
disturbances and to hinder national economic progress. Isn't it clear like
an elephant that is walking in the field that their acts are hampering
development of democracy and human rights?  She and her crowd, and England,
America and their associates are charging that Myanmar [Burma] has no
democracy by comparing with England and America, which have already
developed from feudalism to capitalism since 200 years ago and are the most
developed nations in the world at present. There are two aspects, one is
whether democracy can be
uniform in all nations and the other is the meaning of the word freedom. 
The word freedom means permission to publish, write and organize for
development of the people's economic, cultural and intellectual standards of
a nation. Even then, there are regulations according to time and place.
Myanmar [Burma] cannot permit anyone speaking, writing, printing, publishing
falsities, bad-mouthing, organizing, assembling and instigating that can
cause the people to get misinformed or confused about the national problems,
discrediting the government to make the people turn against it, and to cause
upheavals. Neither England nor America nor any nation for that matter can
permit such acts. So they cannot be permitted by Myanmar either. I think the
State is tolerating false, vile and slanderous assailings by her because she
is a daughter of Bogyoke Aung San, the father of the Tatmadaw. 

Another question is whether there could be an eternal model in democracy.
Regarding this matter, Hegel said he opposed every effort to claim existence
of eternal and never changing morals and codes of conduct that he said were
creations of the existing economic conditions of society. There has not yet
been any lamentation or self-criticism by any party politicians that their
were part of the causes of disasters in the past -- having had to remain in
servitude for more than 60 years under British colonialism, the nation
having been reduced to ashes by the War and fascist occupation, suffering
from civil
strife due to breakup of national unity, all that making the nation become
poor and lag behind in progress.  It is natural that only to a certain
extent could there
be political democratic rights at such a time as the present when such
elements are supporting her and her crowd from behind in destructive acts
against Na Wa Ta [the SLORC, State Law and Order Restoration Council]; they
can not yet
correctly review the Four Eights [8-8-88, 8 August 1988] disturbances; and
let alone the people, not even the so-called politicians could as yet
correctly see that the Tatmadaw government's leading and changing over from
single party system to multi-party democracy system and from centralized
economic system to market-oriented economic system is in reality waging a
social revolution. 
The democracy of England and America she and her crowd are taking as models
are created by the most developed economic material life of those nations.
They already have their own constitutions which have firmly existed for many
years. Opposition parties and the ruling parties of those nations are
organizations of the same basic class of people, like two sides of the same
coin. There is no cause for significant change no matter which party comes
to power. Differences, criticisms, and conflicts there do not assume the
proportions big enough to threaten the countries' peace and stability and
national interests. So, saying things comparing Myanmar's [Burma] democracy
and human rights situations with those in England and America is tantamount
to not knowing or pretending not to know the objective conditions in Myanmar
and not understanding the nature and causes of development of democracy and
human rights. If all the political parties, politicians, the entire people
and all the nationality groups truly desire for development of their
interests, the national interests and complete democracy and human rights,
they should take part in the State Law and Order Restoration Council's
nation-building endeavours in the spirit of national
reconsolidation, putting forward constructive suggestions in person or in
writing on matters which they think are wrong or incomplete and on
differences. Only those parties and individuals who deal positively like
that are the ones that
make contributions with genuine goodwill in building a developed new nation
with full democracy and human rights, peace and tranquillity, as will be
borne out by history.