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E-Mail Labor Alerts (free)

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                    Campaign for Labor Rights
                           to initiate
                          LABOR ALERTS:
                 information direct to activists
Due to the high volume of individual email requests for
information about our campaigns, Campaign for Labor Rights is
initiating an email labor alert service.  If you would like to
receive our alerts, please send an email to clr@xxxxxxxxxxxx 
Please put "labor alerts" in the subject line.  Indicate for
which of these campaigns you would like to receive alerts:
     All campaigns currently supported by Campaign for Labor
     Disney campaign (National Labor Committee)
     Nike campaign (Press for Change and other organizations)
     Phillips-Van Heusen campaign (US/Guatemala Labor Education
     Guess campaign (UNITE and Stop Sweatshops coalition)
     El Salvador labor rights campaign (CISPES -- Committee in
     Solidarity with the People of El Salvador)
     GardenBurger/NORPAC campaign (PCUN -- Oregon farmworker
     Case Farms campaign (National Interfaith Committee for
     Worker Justice)
     Please note:  Due to limited resources, WE CANNOT
Campaign for Labor Rights promotes active participation in
struggles on behalf of the rights of working people around the
world and here at home.  We are a bridge between local activists
and a number of organizations which initiate the campaigns which
we support.  We especially encourage stronger links between
solidarity and peace & justice groups and organized labor.  For
more information or to receive a sample copy of our newsletter,
write to us at clr@xxxxxxxxxxx or call (541) 344-5410.  To
subscribe to our newsletter, write a check for $35.00 made out to
Campaign for Labor Rights and send it to Campaign for Labor
Rights, 1247 "E" Street SE, Washington, DC 20003.  We depend on
our newsletter subscription fee to help sustain the many valuable
services of Campaign for Labor Rights.  Please join!!!  Also see
our web site:  http://www.compugraph.com/clr