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Victory for Free Burma campaigners!

		Victory for Free Burma campaigners!

	Campaigners for the boycott of tourism to Burma claimed their 
biggest victory with STA Travel joining the campaign to support change in 

Today was the launch of the Burmese dictatorship's "Visit Myanmar 1996 
Campaign". Burmese students, the community and their supporters staged a 
protest outside the Ultimoffice of STA Travel in Sydney. STA distribute 
the brochure which contains the reference to Burma as a destination. It 
also cooperate with the travel agencies which promote tourism to Burma. 
After an hour of leaflet distribution, speeches, chants and negotiations, 
the Managing Director of STA Travel faxed to us informing of their change 
in policy. (See attached document.)

Jamie Parker from the Free Burma International Student Solidarity Network 
(FBISSN) said, 

"Travel to Burma resources and legitimise the brutal 
dictatorship. The fact that STA Travel is withdrawing support for visit 
to Burma is a great victory for the campaign against tourism and the 
democracy movement."

San Lin from the ABSDF said, 

"From this victory we will intensify this boycott campaign across 
Australia in support of Daw Aung San Suu Kyi's recent call for tourism 
boycott and economic sanction"

The campaign to boycott Burma is gaining momenturn internationally. The 
campaign is set to escalate with an Australia wide focus on campaign 
which still endorse visiting Burma. The organisation supporting the 
campaign in Australia are the National Union of Students, All Burma 
Students' Democratic Front, National League for Democracy (L.A), 
Committee for Restoration of Democracy in Burma, Burmese Family Sydney, 
Karen Youth Organisation, Free Burma International Student Solidarity 

[18 November 1996].


Attachment: Letter from Student Travel Australia (STA).

18 November 1996

All Burma Students' Democratic Front
National League for Democracy (L.A)
Committee for the Restoration of Democracy in Burma
Burmese Family Sydney
Karen Youth Organisation
Free International Student Solidarity Network

Dear Friends,

Thank you for drawing our attention to a brochure containing reference to 

STA Travel does not support the current regime in Burma.

STA Travel would like to join in the campaign in support of change in Burma.

To this end, we have advised our branches to cease selling Burma as a 
destination and will amend/revise promotional material accordingly.

We would also like to meet with the relevant organisations to discuss the 
possibilities of a join campaign to raise public awareness.

Your sincerely,

STA Travel Pty Ltd

(Signed by)

Paul Carrick

Managing Director