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Ceasefire broke down and New Mon St

Subject: Ceasefire broke down and New Mon State Party split up two groups

Dear frinds

There are  good news and bad news I received from Thailand today.  The 
good news New Mon State Party at Mergui Division broke the ceasefire 
agreement with the SLORC when when the SLORC asked them to hand over 
their strong hole camp to the SLORC. This group was also broke out from 
the NMSP. Their declaration is as follow.

The bad news is the fighting between Mon Army of Mergui Division and 
Slorc's army had occured so many times. So, the Mon refugees at the 
Mergui Division will be increased.  The SLORC had  launched  offensive 
against the Mon Army at Mergui Division. We, Monland Restoration 
Council, are worry about the safety of Mon People at the Mergui 
Division. We ask the International Communities to monitor closely the 
situation of Mon Poeple at Mergui Division.

Pon Nya 
Monland Restoration Council


An announcement, why we have reopened the new of the Mon army, at 				             
													Division of Mergui District.

A)  At October 29, 1996, in 13:15 pm a group of delegation sat a meeting 
to transfer the family unit of the Mon army, including  the members of 
the New Mon State Party (NMSP) Nai Aung Nai, Nai Win Aung, Nai Kow Rot, 
Nai Leyeh Siam, Nai Kyaw Myint and the governor of Mergui district, Nai 
Si Ha and members of the State Law and Order Restoration  Council ( 
SLORC) Nai Sit Maung, Nai Thein Tun, held a meeting at the army town 
hall of Mergui.  They agreed and decided as the following points.

1)  All the families unit of the Mon army and villagers should be 
prepared to transfer between the month of November and December 1996, 
from their proper place. The transfer would be started in January 1997, 
at  three steps:

2) The first step, from the main body of troops Mergui to Man Daing, 
Boat Pyin Township, by two boats that supporting by SLORC to the Ye 

3) On the of transfer, the security must take by themselves

4) After the transfer family unit of the Mon army in the land of Mergui 
is all  ready complete. Then the land of Mergui must be offered to the 
SLORC army.

5)  Every time of steps of transfer have been finished, should be 
submitted a report to the army of the SLORC.

6) On account of these aforesaid points, the leader of the Mon army 
Division of Mergui District, Colonel Ong Suik Heang and Major Ba Sam, 
called an assembly of all the army leaders and soldiers at 11.6. 96 and  
then made a decision as follows:

1.  We branch out from NMSP and found a new Mon army of Mergui Division

2.  This Mon army should be conquer the land of Mergui Division.

3. If the member of NMSP would like to control this area of land, we 
would welcome that member who had submitted a letter of resignation from 

4. The day we would reunited with NMSP must be the day when NMSP 
withdraw the agreement of size-fire with SLORC.

5. For the present, Colonel Ong Suik Heang and Major Soing Ba Sam, would 
lead and control the motherland of Mergui Division with their group.

                       Council of Mon Army of Front Line (Mergui)