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Burma entry into Asean is ruled out

Subject: Burma entry into Asean is ruled out (The Asian Age, 21/11/96).

Burma entry into Asean is ruled out 
Manila, Nov. 20: The Association of South-East Asian Nations 
decided here on Wednesday that it would not rush into 
admitting Burma as a member of the grouping, Indonesian 
foreign minister Ali Alatas said. 
The seven-nation grouping made the decision at an informal 
meeting of its foreign ministers here, ahead of the Asia Pacific 
Economic Co-operation ministerial meeting.  Speaking after the 
meeting, Mr Alatas said Burma had to go through the normal 
"technical" process applicable for potential membership in the 
grouping, which comprises seven members. 
Asean has agreed to have a grouping of ten by the turn of the 
century to incorporate Cambodia, Laos and Burma, all of whom 
enjoy observer status in Asean.  Burma had applied to Kuala 
Lumpur for Asean colours. (AFP)