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Protest on the Dam against tourismp

Subject: Protest on the Dam against tourismplans junta Myanmar (Dutch  ANP-news)

Protest on the Dam against tourism plans junta Myanmar

(Original in Dutch, translation BCN)
November 18th, 1996

AMSTERDAM (ANP) - Twenty members of the Burma Centrum Nederland and
sympathizers demonstrated monday afternoon, dressed up as forced laborers,
on the Dam (central-square with the monument of Freedom, GH) in Amsterdam,
against the plans of the governments of Myanmar (Burma) to develop tourism.
A representative of the Burmese governments in exile (NCGUB, GH) read out a
statement by Aung San Suu Kyi not to visit the country. "Wait, do not visit
Burma now. It would be a mistake to support the regime. A boycott by
tourists is a sign of solidarity with the Burmese movement for democracy."
Demonstrations also took place in London, Paris, Kopenhagen, Brussels and
The military regime launched a campaign on Monday to attract 300.000
tourists in one year. According to human rights organizations people,
randomly picked from the streets, have to work of luxurious hotels and roads.
Amnesty International estimates that hundreds of thousands of people are
forced to work. The European Commission and the International Labour
Organization of the United Nations have (both, GH) started an investigation
into the use of forced labour in Burma.

Note: This demonstration in Amsterdam was a subject of the news on the
regional television around Amsterdam, and made it to most newspapers (with
brilliant pictures) the next day.