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Euro-Burmanet lanches into Phase II

Thu Nov 21 1996
Subject: Euro-Burmanet lanches into Phase II

(reposted, sorry for cross postings)

FBC spiders and EURO-BURMANET readers,

Thank you for helping to make all our efforts together full of purpose

Because of the surprising impact of EURO-BURMA NET (PARIS) -- we wish we
only had 
good things to report about Burma,and hope that day will come when
Slorc is out,-- EURO--BURMANET has passed the threshold of 30 000 hits
or visits 
per day, spreading your work and word of Freedom in Burma around the

Spurred on by that encouraging development, made possible by a superb 
French software specialist,  that EURO--BURMANET  has launched into
phase II of
development permitting greater user access with use of intelligent

key words now are hyperlinked inside the text to main database

that way, we are tearing down the walls that divide us>>>

try it out

go to http://www-uvi.eunet.fr/
hit special report
see the latest updated story files
click on what interests you

when you are in a story, to find the rubrique, click on the cyber dude
at the top right (usually) of the page, and it takes you there

try for fun http://www-uvi.eunet.fr/asia/euro-burma/main/

for your information, EUROBURMANET is independently developed and
financed. To date, it receives no financial assistance from Burma
Project, of The Open Society Institute, but we hope that will change in
the future....

dawn star