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IHT interview: Lt. General Khin Ny

Subject: IHT interview:  Lt. General Khin Nyunt

Conference "reg.burma" <burmanet-l@xxxxxxxxxxx>

Headline:  IHT interview:  Lt. General Khin Nyunt - Military
Intelligence, Chief Architect Secret Police21/11/96

Dear EURO-BURMANET readers: The following news story published in today,
Thursday Nov 21,1996 edition of the International Herald Tribune
(IHT),interview with Lt. General Khin Nyunt - Military Intelligence
(First Secretary, Slorc), Chief Architect Secret Police, Ne Win protegé,
head of Burma's dreaded Military Intelligence. Story prominently
featured, top page 6, photo Nyunt.  More lies and "bogus " propaganda
from the devil himself. Weighing the imbalance of the long tirade of
lies staged to avoid the direct question of human rights abuses, and
insults to Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, we consider it indeed most unfortunate
that the IHT edits this interview delivering a decidedly one-sided and
simplistic account to forward SLORC's pathos. Are we to expect, in all
fairness and respect for the truth, that the IHT will publish an
interview with Daw Aung San Suu Kyi? Dawn Star, EBN

Send comments to IHT, and EURO-BURMANET (Paris). 

Begin text

Q&A / General Khin Nyunt   Burma: An Inside View of the Military's

For two decades Burma was shut off from the rest of the world under the
military dictatorship of General Ne Win. In 1988, after he announced his
retirement, the doors burst open and riots raged throughout the country.
Within months, the military quelled the protests by forming the State
Law and Order Restoration Council. In 1990, the council, under
Lieutenant General Khin Nyunt, allowed elections, resulting in an
overwhelming majority for Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and her National League
for Democracy. Six years later, Burma is still under military rule,
languishing in poverty and accused of numereous abuses of human rights.
In Rangoon, General Khin Nyunt was intereviewed by Barbara Victor, an
author and journalist.

IHT: After Daw Aung San Suu Kyi's party, the National League for
Democracy, won the majority of the vote in the 1990 elections, why did
you refuse to relinguish power?

SLORC: When we first assumed responsibility in 1988 the situation was
unimaginable. The country was on the verge of chaos and anarchy, which
was the reason the armed forces assumed responsibility, to prevent the
country from slipping into disintegration. Since that time we have been
trying our best to build up our country to have a firm foundation of
economic development in accordance with our aims.

We also look at our situation in terms of geopolitics since our
neighbors are two of the most populous nations in the world -- China and
India. Our government has spent a lot of money for the development of
border areas, trying to dispel mistrust and suspicion by raising the
standard of living. We are also taking measures to eradicate opium by
crop substitution. While we are implementing the necessary reforms in
the political system, we are also introducing a new economic system, and
although our country has natural resources, we are lagging behind in
capital as well as in technology.

IHT: There have been many accusations that your government denies people
basic human rights. How do you respond to thos accusations?

SLORC: Although our government is in the form of a military government
or military junta, we are not suppressing the people. We are trying our
best as an interim government to achieve political stability and
economic development as well as bring about improvement in the social

IHT: What about specific accusations such as forced labor and forced
relocation of people?

SLORC: People who have not been to the country before have an impression
that we are brutal and cruel, they regard us as oppressive, as if we are
ruling the country by force, as if there are no human rights in the
country. Why such a perception? This is essentially because the
information they get is through the media and also because the
information they get is not directly from us, the source is from third
partieis and as you know, there are groups in New York, Los Angeles and
Washington who are against us and the information theyare providing
cannot be positive to us. Another source of wrong information is the
armed groups operating along the border with Thailand.

IHT: Not only did your government ignore the election results and refuse
to allow Daw Aung San Suu Kyi to leade the coutnry, but also put her
under house arrest for six years and still continue to arrest memebers
of her party. How do you justify your actions?

SLORC: She is trying her best to hinder our progress/ If she were to try
to make our work successful, it would be best for everybody but
unfortunately she is not. She is trying to cause political confusion and
instability and unrest when we have peace and tranquility in our

IHT:  What is your most serious criticism of Daw Aung San Suu Kyi?

SLORC: Aung Suu Kyi was not here for most of her life, so naturally she
cannot understand all our problems. After her father passed away, she
went with her mother at the age of 14, when she was appointed ambassador
to India, and later she left for London. From that time she drifted
apart from our country and didn't regularly come back to our country.
She married an Englishman and settled down and became more apart from
the country. If she had come back and worked for the country and married
a Myanmar citizen, she may have been able to become a national leader.
But when she came back in 1988, at our invitation to care for her
aililng mother, the Communist Party cells saw her as a great advantage
because she is the daughter of a national hero. They beclieved that if
they could push her into the front and take advantage of her position it
would serve their purposes.

end text

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