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[Fwd: The Political Machinations of

Subject: [Fwd: The Political Machinations of Daw Suu Kyi to earn a Livelihood]

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Subject: The Political Machinations of Daw Suu Kyi to earn a Livelihood
Date: 23 Nov 1996 16:13:19 GMT
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The Political Machinations of Daw Suu Kyi to earn a Livelihood

	U Kyi Maung and U Tin Oo of the NLD went to Daw Suu 
Kyi s house on University Avenue at 9 a.m in the morning of 23 
November, 1996. At 2 in the afternoon  U Aung Shwe joined 
them and soon after Daw Suu Kyi and the three of them left her 
residence, saying that they were going to call on NLD Executive 
Committee member U Lun Tin who was ill. They made their 
departure at 3:30 pm, apparently to go to U Lun Tin s house in 

	At the time, about 100 NLD members had taken up positions 
in various restaurants and food stalls near the cross roads adjoining 
the Saya San Bazaar (Goodliffe Bazaar). In addition, a car with 
diplomatic registration number plate (Dip 16 / 22 ) of the Australian 
Embassy and some embassy staff, embassy staff of the British 
Embassy Miss Tiffany White as well as about 20 foreign 
correspondents were waiting in the vicinity with cameras and video 
cameras ready.

	They had been waiting since 3 p.m. Daw Suu Kyi left U Lun 
Tin s house at about 4:20 p.m. and without informing the security 
official on duty left abruptly for the place where some NLD 
members and foreign correspondents had gathered to wait. She 
met these people for 10 minutes and then left to go home.

	This incident was a prearranged plot by Daw Suu Kyi. It is 
clear that this busy and bustling place near the Saya San Bazaar, 
which was in no way related to either the NLD party or Daw Suu 
Kyi, had been deliberately chosen as their rendezvous. Having 
previously informed the correspondents and the embassies, she 
purposely went to this crowded area to make it appear as if 
thousands of people had been waiting for her arrival. She could 
thus broadcast this bit of prefabricated news to the world to 
stimulate interest in her. It is clear that some western embassies in 
Myanmar and foreign correspondents have thus been exploited by 
Daw Suu Kyi in her own interest.

	If some sort of fracas had broken out in the crowd, it is clear 
that she would blame it on the government and further try to 
exacerbate the situation.

	The above account clearly shows that Daw Suu Kyi had 
deceived the security official to go to the place where some NLD 
members had gathered by prearrangement, to incite mass unrest 
among the people. That she had also contrived to set up this plot 
in cohesion with the embassies and foreign correspondents 
concerned is clear. If the situation had been further aggravated 
she would then have made false accusations and tried to vilify the 
Government s dignity and honour. This would have stimulate the 
interest of the foreign media in her which would then reward her 
with cash prizes,

	With the incitement of some western powers, she has 
fabricated many such devious plots and thus has won awards worth 
millions of dollars. Her husband and sons are now living in the lap  
of luxury from her earnings from such devious  tricks and they 
now do not do a stroke of work. They live off her political earnings.