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Statement of the ABSDF on the U.S P (r)

Subject: Statement of the ABSDF on the U.S President's Visit to Thailand

		                               DATE: NOVEMBER 24, 1996

We the ABSDF have learned that Mr. Bill Clinton the President of
the United States of America will be coming on an official visit
to Thailand from 25th-27th  November.

On behalf of entire people of Burma, the ABSDF would like to
express our heartfelt greetings to the President, Mr. Clinton,
whose visit, we believe, will bring many positive benefits to the
region of Southeast Asia, including Burma.

The people of Burma who long for freedom from the repressive
military regime that rules our country will be greatly encouraged
by the arrival of the leader of the world's foremost democracy,
to this region.

We the ABSDF would like to urge Mr. Clinton to convince the
governments of Burma neighbourings that genuine democracy, peace
and development in this region will come about only by protecting
human rights and eradicating the production and trafficking of

Similarly, the ABSDF hopes that the President will clarify the
policy of the United States towards the Burmese dictatorship and
will express his recognition of the struggle of the people of
Burma for democracy and human rights under the leadership of  Daw
Aung San Suu Kyi.

Central Executive Committee