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Letter to Mr. President


Mr. Bill Clinton
President of the United States of America


ABBESU (All Burma Basic Education Students Union)
ONSOB (Overseas National Students Organization of Burma)
SYCB (Students and Youth Congress of Burma)

Dear Mr. President,                

                                        Date: 25th November, 1996

On behalf of people of Burma, we the Burmese students would like to
express our heartfelt happiness that Mr. President was reelected in
your second term in 1996 as a president of the United States.

We the exile Burmese students cordially welcome that the official
visit of Mr. President to Thailand will bring positive resolutions
of establishing a system of democracy for the region of Southeast
Asia including Burma now under control of the military dictators.

We had actively participated in nationwide pro-democracy movements
in 1988, who have fled to Thailand after the brutal crackdown of
democracy uprising by the military regime on 18th September, 1988
and been struggling to restore democracy and human rights in Burma.

We firmly believe that in every part of the world, the only
Government which is democratically elected could be able to develop
its own country's  benefit in accordance with certain desire of its
own people.

We must express our gratitude to the Unites States that all members
of the SLORC (State Law and Order Reiteration Council) who have
violated all forms of human rights and prolonged drug productions
were banned to enter the US.

Mr. President, during your visit in Thailand, we would like to urge
you to convince Southeast Asia countries including Thailand to
postpone their cooperation with the SLORC military regime, suspend
the US investment in Burma which encouraging the continuity of
military rule until the establishment of democratic government and 
double the pressure on the SLORC to engage a dialogue with Daw Aung
San Suu Kyi for the national reconciliation. 

Mr. President, during your visit in Asia, we wish you could build
the democracy arch bridges in this region in terms of freedom for
the entire people of Asia.

Long live Mr. President and the first Lady

Your Faithfully,