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Clinton must get tough on junta now

Subject: Clinton must get tough on junta now (The Asian Age, 25/11/96.)

'Clinton must get tough on junta now' 
The Asian Age, 25/11/96.
Bangkok, Nov. 24: Burmese dissident students exiled in 
Thailand on Sunday urged US President Bill Clinton to take 
stronger action and a tougher diplomatic line against Burma's 
ruling military junta. 
The All Burma Students' Democratic Front asked Mr Clinton to 
convince the governments of Burma's neighbours that "genuine 
democracy, peace and development in this region will come 
about only by protecting human rights and eradicating the 
production and trafficking of drugs." 
The appeal, in a statement released on Sunday, comes ahead of 
Mr Clinton's whistlestop visit to Thailand. 
"The ABSDF hopes that. the President will clarify the policy of 
the United States towards the Burmese dictatorship and will 
express his recognition of the struggle of the people of Burma 
 ... under the leadership of Ms Aung San Suu Kyi," the 
statement said. 
Ms Aung San Suu Kyi is the leader of the party that won the 
last democratic elections to be held in Burma six years ago, the 
results of which have never been ratified by the military. (AFP)