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Golden Tringle full of drugs despit (r)

Subject: Re: Golden Tringle full of drugs despite Khun Sa's surrender (The Asian

>From: "FTUB (WB)" <aungsan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>Subject: Golden Tringle full of drugs despite Khun Sa's surrender (The
>Asian Age, 25/11/96.)

>The US figures, based on satellite photography, indicate Burma
>produced 2, 560 tonnes of opium resin during the 1995-1996
>season - up 210 tonnes from the previous year - with a potential
>to produce more than 250 tonnes of refined heroin.
>The figures represent more than 90 percent of the opium yield
>in the Golden Triangle of south-east Asia and more than half of
>the total global production, estimated to be in the region of
>4,000 tonnes.

As a veteran of the "War on Drugs" from the 1960s and 70s, I am more than
bit skeptical about these numbers although I am sure the analysts at DEA
and other agencies are working very hard and doing a great job (please
don't kill me).

My question is a simple one:

Where are all the heroin addicts?

As a follow-up question, has anyone sat down and done the math here? So
many tonnes of opium equal so many tonnes of heroin, which when cut equals
so many shots or snorts for X number of users.

I have not, but my "budget antennae" are quivering with memories of
prosecutors and enforcement agencies bidding for tax dollars with "record
busts" and hugely innaccurate financial figures. Mind you, I'm not saying
the figures are wrong, but I fail to see any evidence of massive number of
heroin addicts here in the LA area, for example.

Enlighten me.