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Suu Kyi's supporters to get rights

Subject: Suu Kyi's supporters to get rights award

The Japan times
26th November 1996

Suu Kyi supporters to get rights award

	A human rights foundation led by Takako Doi, Leader of the Social
Democratic Party, said Monday it will give its first award to supporters 
of Nobel Peace Prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi, leader of the democracy
movement of Myanmar.
	The Asian Human Rights Award will be given collectively to all people
who have supported Aung San Suu Kyi, rather than to specific groups or 
individuals, the foundation's award selection committee said at a news
conference in Tokyo.
	The Foundation for Human Rights in Asia will hold the award
ceremony Dec. 14, which will be attended by Myanmarese activists staying in 
	At the same ceremony, another of the foundation's human rights awards-
the Takako Doi Award--will be given to Lee Oo Chung, a long time human rights
activist in South Korea, the foundation said.
	Lee became a representative for a national association of groups of
South Korean women in 1987.
	The award selection committee members include writer Rokusuke Ei,
Waseda University Professor Jun Nishikawa and Saison Corp. Chairman Seiji


Information Committee
Burma Youth Volunteer Association-Japan.