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A Burmese alias for Khun Sa (The As

Subject: A Burmese alias for Khun Sa (The Asian Age, 27/11/96.)

A Burmese alias for Khun Sa 
The Asian Age, 27/11/96.
Bangkok, Nov. 26: Former opium merchant Khun Sa and three 
of his Shan associates have adopted Burmese names to facilitate 
business relations with foreign firms, the Bangkok Post 
reported on Tuesday. 
The report, from Chiang Rai in northernmost Thailand near the 
Burma border, quoted a source as saying that former drug lord 
Khun Sa now used the name Htet Aung and his son Chang 
Weikang the name Soe Aung. 
Khun Sa's original name was Chang Shifu. 
The report said he had been prompted by Burma's military 
rulers not to use the name Khun Sa and Group for his business 
ventures which range from jewellery, transportation, tourism to 
Khun Sa and most of his Mong Tai Army, who are wanted in 
the US for drug trafficking, surrendered to Rangoon in January. 
Other Khun Sa aides who were reported to have taken Burmese 
names were Khun Sa's uncle Chang Binying, now called U See, 
and Chang Usuchuan, called Thet Naung. (AFP)