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Clinton blasts Burma Rulers (The Ti

Subject: Clinton blasts Burma Rulers (The Times of India, 28/11/96.)

Clinton blasts Burma rulers 
People will punish Suu Kyi, says Rangoon 
The Times of India, 28/11/96.

BANGKOK; US President Bill Clinton singled out military-led 
Burma for criticism as he closed a mostly positive 12-day 
Pacific trip filled with warm receptions and tours of ornate halls. 
In Bangkok, the president delivered a speech at Chulalongkorn 
University, where he said the refusal of Burma's rulers to move 
towards democracy and the regime's involvement in narcotics 
"are really two sides of the same coin, for both represent the 
absence of the rule of law." 
A day after Mr Clinton criticised Burma's rulers for repression, 
the, country's military regime said on Wednesday that the 
Burmese people would punish the pro-democracy leader 
Clinton praised. 
Commentary in Burmese newspapers reflecting the view of the 
ruling State Law and Order Restoration Council (SLORC) 
asserted that Nobel Peace prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi was 
destabilising Myanmar, as the regime has officially renamed the 
"The people of Myanmar are disgusted with Suu Kyi and her 
cohorts, whom they have branded as traitors and ax handles," 
the commentary said. "Suu Kyi and her followers will be 
punished by the peace-loving Myanmar people." 
"Ax handle" is jargon the regime uses to mean stooges of 
foreign countries the official view of Suu Kyi using pressure for 
democratic reforms as a way to bring Burma under foreign 
A mob allegedly organised by the government attacked Suu 
Kyi's car on November 9 with iron bars and rocks. She was 
unhurt. The attack signalled a new willingness by the regime to 
use violence in increasing harassment of Suu Kyi and her 
National League for Democracy. 
Referring to her brief appearance before 500 supporters at a 
Rangoon intersection last week, the commentary said Suu Kyi 
"hoped to instigate unrest under the pretext of the democracy 
movement. No one will accept her policy of disrupting peace 
and tranquillity." 
The US president praised the " brave reformers in Burma led by 
Aung San Suu Kyi," the pro-democracy leader and Nobel Peace 
Prize laureate who has come under increasing pressure and 
harassment from the military. 
"Every nation has an interest in promoting true political 
dialogue in Burma a dialogue that will lead to a real fight 
against crime, corruption and narcotics and a government more 
acceptable to its people," Mr Clinton said. 
Earlier this year, the Clinton administration banned visits to the 
United States by members of Burma's military government and 
their families. The United States cut off economic aid to the 
country following the crushing of a pro-democracy uprising in 
1988. However, American companies continue to do business in 
Burma. (AP)