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President Clinton speak out


			SLORC  to  be  pressured  

President Bill Clinton urged Australia to put pressure on the SLORC military  
regime for political reforms. Below is the excerpt from the President's speech 
to the joint sitting of the Australian Parliament, on the 20 November 1996.

" We can take the fight to the terrorists and the drug traffickers. We can 
extend the reach of free and fair trade. We can advance democracy around the 

"As we deal with these challenges to our security we must recognize the new 
ones which are emerging and the new approaches they require. Terrorism, 
international crime and drug trafficking are forces of destruction that have 
no tolerance for national borders. Together we must show zero tolerance for 
them. That means putting pressure on rogue States, not doing business with 

"The third part of our work for stability is support for the democracy. Our 
two nations know that democracy comes in many forms. Neither of us seeks to 
impose our own vision on others, but we also share the conviction that some 
basic rights are universal."

"In this century we have sacrificed many of our sons and daughters, your 
nations and ours, for the cause of  freedom.  And so we must continue to speak 
for the cause of freedom in this new age of commerce and trade and technology. 
We must push repressive regimes in places like Burma   to pursue 
reconciliation and genuine dialogue."

[The Sydney Morning Herald,  21 November 1996.]