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Junta rights violation condemned by

Subject: Junta rights violation condemned by UN body (The Asian Age, 29/11/96.)

junta rights violation condemned by UN body
The Asian Age, 29/11/96.
United Nations, Nov. 28
A committee grouping all the 185 UN member states on 
Wednesday deplored the continuing violations of human rights 
in Burma.
The UN third committee for human rights endorsed without a 
vote a draft resolution on Burma which is to be transmitted to 
the UN General Assembly for formal adoption next month.  The 
General Assembly vote invariably reflects the stand taken by the 
third committee.
The draft resolution voted on Wednesday "deplores the 
continued violations of human rights in Myanmar (Burma)."
It called on the military junta to permit Burmese opposition 
leader Aung San Sun Kyi and other political leaders to have 
"unrestricted communication with and physical access to" their 
The text also urged the government to engage "at the earliest 
possible date in a substantive political dialogue" with the leader 
of the National League for Democracy.
The committee vote followed a human rights report on Burma 
issued this week, which criticises the junta for political 
repression and forced labour practices.
The General Assembly voted a similar resolution last December 
deploring Burma's human rights record. (AFP)