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DVB SYDNEY Update (r)

 >From: "ausgeo@xxxxxxx " <ausgeo@xxxxxxx>

 >From- Democratic Voice of Burma (SYDNEY)

 >Dear Patriots,
 >The November 24 program files have been posted.

 >These files are at 

 >It  will  be  appreciated  any  suggestion  about  program , send  E-mail  to 
 >( ausgeo@xxxxxxx ).
 >Thank you

How timely, I was trying to find out how to send an email to
DVB in Australia. Please Please continue to post your brodcasts
on the net. We can't get your broadcast here. Since I've discovered
your broadcast on the web, I took my laptop to a burmese restaurant
and play your broadcast for them.  I was just talking to one of the
fellow burmese and we were say how WELL it was so professionally done.

Your criticism of some overseas burmese sitting on the fence ready to
jump in on an opportunity head the bullseye.

Let me know if I can be of any help. I am in touch with Wrigtson and 
will soon upload more MinThainKha speeches. 

Most importantly, it is really great to hear ASSK voice!!!