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Open letter to president of China

Open letter to H.E. Mr. Ziang Zemin, the president of
the People's Republic of China regarding China's
foreign policy on Burma


H.E. Mr. Ziang Zemin
People's Republic of China.

Dated: 28 Nov, 1996

Mr. President,

We are very pleased to witness the positive development
of relationship between two powerful countries of Asia-
China and India. We view that mutual co-operation and
mutual understanding being preserved and promoted by the
both of the countries will be definitely productive and
fruitful for not only India and China but also for the
entire region in deed.

In order to promote economic development and bilateral
trading the region must have peace and stability in
precondition. And the more important fact is that people
from all strata of life must have right to enjoy the
equal rights regardless of race, religion or political

Unfortunately, however, in your immediate neighbouring
country, Burma, people are being denied or lack of
chances to participate in the economic sector leave alone
politics. Open market economy in Burma under the military
regime is merely white wash. Because almost all the main
economic sectors are being monopolised by military
administrators and their close relatives.

Thus, we don't believe that the present ruling military
regime of Burma is capable of administration and
upgrading the development of the country.

However, the supply of military hardware worth U.S. $1.4
billion mostly from China encouraged the regime to remain
in the power by hook or by crook.

The 8 year long experiment of the Constructive Engagement
policy towards the SLORC, so far has not brought benefits
to the majority of the people. But it merely helps
generals from both countries richer and richer.

For the sake of genuine peace, stability and progress in
the entire region, we urge the Government of China to:-

1)   stop exporting military hardware to SLORC
2)   cease any forms of relationship with illegitimate
     and anti-mass military regime of Burma.
3)   exert pressure on SLORC to accept the political
     dialogue offered by Daw Aung San Suu Kyi.

We do hope that the sooner the Government of China
accepts and cooperate with the international community
implementing the above-mentioned facts, the closer we
reach to the solution of political crisis of Burma.

With best regards,

The Central Committee
All Burma Students League (Hqrs)
New Delhi.