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No Subject

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>Subj:	No Subject
>Date:	96-10-28 21:22:31 EST
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>To:	thakin@xxxxxxx
>May I ask who do you think we should blame for the dictatorship power in

There are many areas to target the blame.  
-Thailand: The Thais are in direct connection to helping start and support
the Heroine flow, which the current Burmese military government is involved
with. Which was also started by the Kuomintang of China.
-Singapore's government and some companies defied International law and sold
arms and supplies to the Burmese Military.
-China continually sells arms to the Burmese military.
-The other MILITARY Asian governments refuse to interfer since they also run
Military Governments by force or other means.  
-Both Constructive Engadement and Sanctions ONLY WORK if everyone works
-Much of the world has become become TOO complacent, saying 1 person or one
company not participating couldn't make a difference.