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                           PRESS STATEMENT=20
      Today marks the 60th Anniversary of Bo Aung Kyaw Day. On 20th=20
      December 1936, Bo Aung Kyaw, the first student leader who=20
      gave up his life while fighting for freedom and justice, was=20
      killed by the British riot police. =20
      To extend the solidarity and support to the students'=20
      demonstrations in Burma and to strengthen the pro-democracy=20
      movement, the students and youth of Burma are holding the=20
      "World-wide Demonstrations" in various countries of the world=20
      on December 20, 1996.=20
      In India, the pro-democracy activists of Burma, under the=20
      banner of Students and Youth Congress of Burma (SYCB), are=20
      organizing a protest rally in front of SLORC embassy in New=20
      Delhi at 11:00 AM on 20th December 1996. The demonstrators=20
      will issue a statement demanding the ruling military regime=20
      in Burma to hand over state power to the National League for=20
      Democracy (NLD) party which got the landslide victory in 1990=20
      election. Moreover, in Mizoram State which is a bordering=20
      state of India with Burma, the local Mizo youth activists=20
      under the banner of Mizo Youth Convention (MYC) have=20
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=BA<:o the Burmese=20
      students can be seen everywhere in Aizawl, the capital of=20
      Mizoram State. In Manipur State (another Indian state=20
      bordering with Burma), the Burmese pro-democracy activists=20
      are organizing a similar rally at Moreh, bordering township=20
      with Burma, on 20th December 1996.=20
      In a town of Gorakhpur which is bordering India and Nepal,=20
      the Burmese pro-democracy activists from All Burma Students=20
      League (ABSL) and student and youth activists from Nepal=20
      Students Union are holding a public rally in the afternoon of=20
      20tth December in support of the "World-wide Demonstration=20
      Day" called by the SYCB. =20
      In Japan, the Burmese pro-democracy activists, under the=20
      banner of Democratic Burmese Students Organization (DBSO) are=20
      organizing a demonstration in front of SLORC embassy at 12:00=20
      noon local standard time on the same day. The protestors will=20
      distribute a statement urging the international community to=20
      impose a global economic sanction against the military junta=20
      in Burma.=20
      In United States of America, Burmese student activists, under=20
      the banner of Democratic Burmese Students Organization (DBSO,=20
      are staging a peaceful demonstration in front of SLORC=20
      embassy in Washington D.C from 10:00 to 11:00 Am on 20th=20
      December 1996. During the demonstration, the protestors will=20
      deliver a letter for SLORC's Chairman General Than Shwe to=20
      the Burmese ambassador in Washington D.C. The letter,=20
      denouncing the SLORC for its recent arrest of student=20
      activists inside Burma, demands General Than Shwe, Lt.=20
      General Maung Aye, Lt. General Tin Oo and Lt.General Khin=20
      Nyunt to resign immediately from their positions for their=20
      inability to rule the country.=20
      In Australia, Burmese pro-democracy activists and Australian=20
      students from National Union of Students (NSU) are staging a=20
      demonstration to express their solidarity with the Burmese=20
      students inside Burma on 20th December. Moreover, the student=20
      activists, under the banner of Burmese Students Regional Co-=20
      ordinating Committee (BSRCC) are organizing a similar protest=20
      rally in Australia as a joint-programme with the Students and=20
      Youth Congress of Burma (SYCB).=20
      In Canada, students and community members in Ottawa will hold=20
      a candlelight vigil from 12 noon to 2:00 PM on Friday,=20
      December 20, 1996 to show support and solidarity with=20
      students in Rangoon, Burma. The participants will gather=20
      outside of the Burmese embassy, 85 Range Road in Sandy Hill.=20
      This candlelight vigil is in collaboration with the Students=20
      and Youth Congress of Burma (SYCB) as they have called upon=20
      international democratic forces to organize demonstrations=20
      worldwide to strengthen the democratic movement inside Burma.=20
      Similarly, Burmese students in Thailand are organizing a=20
      protest gathering in front of SLORC embassy in Bangkok on=20
      20th December as a part of "Worldwide Demonstration" called=20
      by the SYCB. The demonstrators will issue a statement=20
      demanding the SLORC generals to accept the offer of Daw Aung=20
      San Suu Kyi for the "dialogue" to solve country's problems=20
      politically. =20
      Contact Address :=20
      Students and Youth Congress of Burma (SYCB)=20
      All Burma Students League=20
      3, krishna Menon Marg=20
      New delhi - 110011=20
      Ph : 0091-11-3017172=20
      Fax: 0091-11-3793397=20
      Email : shar@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx=20