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A Report from London. (r)

The Burmese community in the United Kingdom have staged
a demonstration in front of the Burmese Embassy located at
19-A, Charles Street, London W1, between 12:00 noon to
2:00 p.m. today ( December 10, 1996). A number of British
supporters have also joined the Burmese protesters.

The rally was held to express our full hearted support and 
solidarity for the courageous students in Burma who have 
been daringly protesting against the brutal military regime 
for human rights, freedom and the end of injustice.

We would also like to  warmly congratulate on the students
for their successful formation of the " All Burma Federation
of Students' Union " through extremely tough circumstances.

Since the military regime is to be blamed for the current
situation facing Burma, they will be held for any unfortunate
consequences arising out of this situation. We also strongly
believe that the present difficulties could have been avoided
if the regime have kept their promises and honour their

The protesting Burmese community in the United Kingdom:

--Condemn the regime for arbitrarily suspending classes 
   in Universities and Colleges causing unnecessary disruption 
   in the students' education. Such action would obviously 
   serve only to inflame the present situation. They should
   respect the students' rights and demands;
--Support Daw Aung San Suu Kyi's vision for a solution regarding 
   the current problems and strongly urge the military regime to 
   urgently begin direct talks with the students as Daw Aung San
   Suu Kyi has pointed out;

--Demand the immediate release of all political and student prisoners;

--Urge the military junta to hand over the power to the elected
   representatives to avoid further violence and bloodshed in our
   motherland; and

--Plans to stage further weekly demonstrations until such time
   as circumstances are progressing better for the students
   and the democracy movement.