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DVB SYDNEY Update (r)

Democratic Voice of Burma (SYDNEY)

Dear Patriots,

There have been some additions to the RealAudio sound files available 
from the Democratic Voice of Burma page of the BurmaSong site.

  1  December 96   program files have been posted.

These files are at 


More  segment of a speech by Daw Aung San Suu Kyi  and  some  recent  affair 
will  be  coming  soon. It will be  appreciated  all suggestion  about our 
program , Please sends  E-mail  to ( ausgeo@xxxxxxx ).
A million  Thanks  to Mr Wrightson Tongue  who  has done  a  fantastic job for 
our Burmese 
Program  can  now  be  heard  through  out  the  world  on Internet  and  also 
 thanks  to  Glen for  his  valuable  assistance  in  relaying  our  program  
update  through  the  Burmanet.

Thank you