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Road to Suu Kyi's house blocked (Th

Subject: Road to Suu Kyi's house blocked (The Hindu, 1/12/96.)

Roads to Suu Kyi's house blocked
The Hindu, 1/12/96.
YANGON, Nov. 30.
Myanmarese authorities today resumed the customary weekend 
blockade of the approaches to the house of the Opposition 
leader, Ms. Aung San Suu Kyi to prevent her addressing 
supporters in front of her gate.
Barriers manned by police have been placed about 200 metres 
either side of her residential compound on university avenue, 
barring access to traffic, although still permitting some 
pedestrians to pass.
A source close to her National League for Democracy party 
said the blockade -- which has been mounted every weekend for 
the past two months -- was resumed early today.  Last 
Saturday, Ms. Suu Kyi and senior NLD figures drove out to 
meet crowds which, prevented from meeting in front of her 
house, congregated at a traffic intersection about 1 km to the 
The NLD source could not conform whether the NLD leader 
would once again attempt to speak to supporters at this place.  
On November 9. a motorcade of five vehicles carrying Ms. Suu 
Kyi and senior aides was attacked by a mob of 200 men 
wielding sticks and throwing stones, as she tried to defy the 
blockade.- AFP