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Solidarity with DVB Update

The Burma Bureau Germany would like to express its heartfelt thanks 
to the German Foreign Minister Dr. Klaus Kinkel for his immediate 
revision regarding DVB broadcasting from Germany. Earlier, some 
officials of the Foreign Ministry have vedoed the broadcasting contract 
between German Telekoms and the Democratic Voice of Burma.
After proper examination of the case the German Foreign Minister 
found out that there was no legal reason to prevent Deutsche Telekom 
and the Burmese broadcaster in exile entering into a contractual 
agreement. We acknowledge and respect the correct decision of the 
Minister, which is to be well documented.
 Many thanks are also owed to the leading politicians of the different 
political parties of Germany, who have expressed their clear opinions 
in favour of the DVB, as well as to our friends of Burma and fellow 
colleagues who wrote to the authorities concerned requesting for 

Solidarity with DVB,

Nwe Aung
for Burma Bureau Germany