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800 Burmese Students night time

Subject: RE: 800  Burmese Students night  time  protest.

Democratic  Voice of  Burma (SYDNEY)

About  eight  hundred  students taking  to  the  streets  to  the  Burmese  
capital   Rangoon and  one  of  the  most  challenge  mass  Demonstration   
against  SLORC  in  recent  years.
SLORC  is  reportedly  detained  about  three  hundred  Demonstrators  who  
refused  to  disperse  after  the  night  time  protest.  It  begun  with  ten 
 hours  set  dawn  really  in  the  middle  of  the  busy  intersection. The  
activists  were  demanding  the  right  to  form the  own  Union  and  release 
 the  students'  prisoners.

SBS  International  News  in  Australia (6.30PM -- Sydney)