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Statement on the SLORC's recent cr

Subject:       Statement on the SLORC's  recent crack down on students

The statement on the SLORC's recent crack down on
Rangoon University students in the capital of Burma

Dated: 3rd December, 1996

#    We are informed that about one thousand Rangoon
     University students, who were staging a peaceful
     demonstration demanding prompt action against the
     police brutality and freedom of students
     activities, were brutally cracked down by the
     Fascist military regime known as SLORC.

#    We are deeply concerned with this unfateful event
     mishandled by the regime. We warn that the SLORC
     must take all the responsibility for this entire

#    Since the demands made by our fraternal students
     are rational and relevant to the situation, we
     whole-heartedly support and express our solidarity
     with those who showed their exemplary courage to
     the trigger-happy regime.

#    We urge:-

     *    the people from all strata of life in Burma to
          join in  hands with students to defend the
          fundamental rights of the people.

     *    the international community to pressurize the
          SLORC not to use violent ways in settling

#    We strongly warn the SLORC not to jeapordize the
     people's desire of the democratisation in Burma.

The Central Committee
All Burma Students League (Hqrs.)
New Delhi.