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Regime puts curbs on Suu Kyi (The T

Subject: Regime puts curbs on Suu Kyi (The Times of India, 5/12/96.)

Regime puts curbs on Suu Kyi
The Times of India, 5/12/96.
RANGOON:        Pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi 
remained in her compound on Wednesday after authorities 
warned her they could not guarantee her security if she left.
The warning amounted to an order restricting Suu Kyi's 
movements in the wake of the largest protest critical of the 
military regime in years.  It came less than a month after a mob 
allegedly organised by the government attacked her car.
Suu Kyi's lakeside compound already had been sealed off since 
early Tuesday by roadblocks, preventing her from meeting 
journalists allowed into the tightly controlled South-East Asian 
country to cover the regime's monthly news conference.
The regime has issued such warnings previously, Combined 
with tampered phones and roadblocks, they have curbed Suu 
Kyi's activity without the regime risking a world backlash by 
formally placing her under house arrest.
Suu Kyi managed to telephone Cape Town, South Africa, on 
Tuesday to a meeting of the International Institute for 
Democracy and Electoral Assistance, of which she is a member.
"The situation in Burma is really not very satisfactory at all," 
Suu Kyi said.  "I would like the world to know that repression 
in Burma is getting worse.  We as a party are subjected to so 
much persecution that it is almost unbelievable." (AP)