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Suu Kyi is barricaded again in her

Subject: Suu Kyi is barricaded again in her house (The Asian Age, 5/12/96.)

Suu Kyi is barricaded again in her house 
The Asian Age, 5/12/96.
Rangoon, Dec. 4: Human rights watchdog Amnesty  
International said on Wednesday that five supporters of Ms  
Aung San Suu Kyi had been detained by Burma's military  
authorities after leaving the leader's compound.  
The five youth members of Ms Sun Kyi's National League for  
Democracy were arrested on Tuesday after leaving her home,  
which has since been sealed off, the London-based group said in  
a statement received here. 
The arrests came as Burmese security forces rounded up at least  
300 student demonstrators on Tuesday when they refused to  
disperse after an overnight student protest march in Ran- goon.  
"Amnesty International considers the five to be prisoners of  
conscience, detained solely for excercising their right to free  
association," it said. 
Amnesty said it was concerned for the safety of the five, citing  
recent reports of beatings and torture of suspects detained by  
the Burmese police, adding that young people were particularly  
vulnerable to police harassment. 
Ms Sun Kyi has also been prevented from leaving her home or  
from receiving visitors.  However, analysts said Ms Sun Kyi's  
situation did not appear to be linked with the student protests.  
The students began demonstrating on Monday to demand  
action against police officers accused of beating students in  
October, the release of prisoners jailed by the military junta and  
the right to form a student union. 
In an interview with the BBC, Ms Sun Kyi said that while she  
believed the students had no political links, she supported "any  
movement which is a demonstration against police brutality."