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The Prospectus of People's Forum on

Subject: The Prospectus of People's Forum on Burma

The Prospectus of People's Forum on Burma

 On August 1988, when voices calling for democracy were heard all around Burma
, we expected that the time had come for the Burmese to gain democracy at last
 .  But our expectations were crushed by the bullets of SLORC, the junta that s
tarted to rule Burma by strong measures, and when Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, the sy
mbol of democracy, was confined in her house beginning July1989.  In July 1995
, when Aung San Suu Kyi was released, we again had a faint hope for the future
 of Burma.  However, this hope was in vain, since we were disappointed to see 
SLORC's violence such as arrest of NLD members during the convention of the pa
rty and furthermore, the preventing of the only way left for the NLD to expres
s its message to the people, the speech in front of Suu Kyi's house.  At prese
nt, Burma is like a prison.

 On the other hand, the Japanese government maintains a defensive attitude tow
ards the recognition as refugees of Burmese who escaped to Japan because of po
litical reason.  Moreover, its continues diplomatic relations with SLORC,  and
 it can be said that relations between them is getting rather tight in respect
 of trade and tourism, for example.

 As this severe situation continues in Burma, we have started to think that we
, as people in Japan, should found an organization to undertake activities rel
ated to this problem.  Relations between Japan and Burma have been strong from
 the ancient history.  It is very important for the international community wh
at stance Japanese society will take against SLORC, and public opinion can hav
e an effect on it.  Therefore we decided to found people's forum to undertake 
activities at the grassroots level.  We are going to do the following activiti

1.  To form a network of people who willing to promote democracy in Burma and 
to undertake any activity that will promote democracy in Burma
 For example, we will be an information source to collect and provide informat
ion about Burma.  We will do advocacy and suggestions to Japanese government a
nd other organizations which may have an effect to SLORC.
2.  To promote friendship with Burmese in Japan and to cooperate in their acti
vities as citizens in Japan. For example, we will support their activities, as
sist them in the problem of status to stay in Japan, and promote cultural acti
vities so that we can offer a chance for deeper understanding about Burma and 
the Burmese.

Founding Members:
Osamu Arakawa(Shinto Senkyoshikai)  
Fumie Kawai(Mingalaba)  
Schu Sugawara(journalist)
Hisao Tanabe(journalist)  
Hiroshi Nagai(professor of Shizuoka Eiwa Women's University)
Eriko Makino(Mingalaba) 
Merwyn De Mello(Maryknoll Mission)  
Kyoko Yoshii(Shinto Senkyoshikai) 
Kazuyuki Azusawa(lawyer, Burmese refugees applicant group) 
Hisashi Menjyu(lawyer, Burmese refugees applicant group) 
Shogo Watanabe, (lawyer, Burmese refugees applicant group) 
Youko Hirose(Network for the international women*s group demand for the freedo
m of Aung San Suu Kyi)
Kei Nemoto(professor, colledge of Tokyo foreigh language )
Sousuke Yamamoto(fhoto journalist)
A.Matais(professor,Sophia University)
Hisashi Nakamura(professor,Ryuukoku University)
Yousuke Fuke(professor,Aichi Gakusen University)

Supporting member:
Hiroe Niimiya ,  Yoshio Ikeda,  Moto Uchida,  Keiko Uchida,Toshio Gotou,  Sets
uko Komatsu
Tsuyoshi Saeki,  Yumi Takahashi,  Gyuriko Tanaka ,  Syouzou Sasaki,  Taishi So
toyama,  Nouriko Sotoyama,  Kamori Tamotsu,  Kazuko Harada,  Hirosshi Harada, 
 Shiho Matsuura
Akiyo Ishikawa,  Yumiko Satou,  Fumio Ryousawa,  Masue Ryousawa


Information Committee
Burma Youth Volunteer Association- Japan