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3.Dec.96: U.N. to launch Human Righ

Subject: 3.Dec.96: U.N. to launch Human Rights Web site(Web-pickings)

[03 Dec 1996] HR/4311 PI/983:
<P>World Wide Web Site to Be Unveiled on Occasion of Human Rights Day=20

GENEVA, 3 December (UN Information Service) -- The United Nations Office=20
at Geneva will mark Human Rights Day on Tuesday, 10 December, the=20
forty-eighth anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. =20
On this occasion, Vladimir Petrovsky, Director-General of the Office,=20
will convey the Human Rights Day message of Secretary-General Boutros=20
Boutros-Ghali, and the High Commissioner for Human Rights, Jos=E9=20
Ayala-Lasso, will deliver an address on the anniversary of the=20
Universal Declaration. <P>=09

The High Commissioner will also present the new United Nations human=20
rights World Wide Web site to representatives of permanent missions,=20
non- governmental organizations and the media. <P>=09

The new Web site is intended to become the most complete source of=20
information on the Internet concerning United Nations action for the=20
protection and promotion of human rights.  It will contain a presentation=
of human rights activities of the United Nations, including those=20
related to technical cooperation, field operations, the conventional=20
mechanisms (treaty- monitoring bodies), complaints procedures and=20
voluntary trust funds. <P>=09

The "Treaty Body Database Home Page" is linked with the entries of=20
the conventional mechanisms and will, for the first time, publish all=20
concluding observations on the state of human rights in States parties=20
to the conventions and a wide range of other documents relevant to=20
the treaty bodies. It also contains information on the status of=20
ratifications of the treaties and the reporting status of=20
States parties. <P>=09

Under "International Human Rights Instruments", users will find the=20
full text of international human rights treaties, declaration and=20
principles.  All official United Nations reports and resolutions relevant=
to human rights issued this year are listed under Other Human Rights=20
Documents; documents issued in 1995 and 1994 will soon be available. <P>
The menu on "International Human Rights Conferences and Meetings" links=20
to United Nations Web sites covering major world conferences of relevance=
to 3 December 1996 <P><P>human rights, from the 1990 World Summit on=20
Children and the 1993 World Conference on Human Rights, to the second=20
United Nations Conference on Human Settlements (Habitat II)=20
(June, Istanbul). <P>=09

Under "General Information", users may view latest news, press releases=20
and recent relevant United Nations publications, get information about=20
international years and decades on specific themes adopted by the=20
General Assembly, upcoming missions of special rapporteurs and the=20
internship programme of the Centre for Human Rights. <P>     =20

Information will initially be available in English; documents in French=20
and, eventually, Spanish will soon be incorporated as well.  The Web=20
site address will be made public on Human Rights Day, Tuesday,=20
10 December.=20