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4.Dec.96:Excerpts of Q & A's from S

Subject: 4.Dec.96:Excerpts of Q & A's from SLORC's press release

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Subject: Yangon s news briefing (December)(8/8)
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               Yangon s news briefing (December)(8/8)


1.. Stephen Brookes of the Asia Times-- There was a Public 
          < ABRIDGED >
hesitating to counter that. Thank you.

Question 3 by U Hla Htwe of Nihon Keizei Shibun -- American President
Clinton, to follow up U Mg Mg s question, on November 26 he gave a speech
at a Thai university in MBangkok. He said that Opium has come to play a
major role in Myanmar s economy and political life  implying that the
Govt. of Myanmar is involved in money laundering the proceeds from opium.
This is my first question. Second question is that recently we came to
know that peace talks have been held between the our Government and the
karen National Union the fourth round, we were told it took place in
Moulmein. We would like to know when it took place, what were the results,
are there good prospect for the sole remaining rebel group, namely KNU to
come above ground, to come back to legal fold? Thank you.

Answer by Colonel Kyaw Thein-- I would like to reiterate what  I 
have stated in my briefing first concerning  with your question US
President Mr.Clinton s remark. In my statement I have said that subjecting
international effort to fight drug trafficking and money laundering, to
narrow political intreest or addressing individual elements of equation
without taking others in account will never solve the problem. So what I
mean is that some people who are of biased naturally  try to might have
sent some reports that are erroneous and slanted to the US President might
have assumed that these reports might be true. And I have said in my
statement also that concerning with the money laundering, because of our
existing strict banking laws there are no money laundering in existence
inside our country. I can assure you that in fact our authorities here who
are responsible in the banking system are present here and they can assure
us about this thing also.
And I would like to again reiterate that the success in countering the
drug menace will materialize only when each nation shoulders its full
responsibilit and discard self-serving policy that do nothing to attack
the underlying cause of the phenomenom. And concerning with the KNU and
the our Government meeting our deputy Chief of the Strategic Studies
Colonel Kyaw Win will answer the question.
(Col. Kyaw Win)-----------------
(Trnsld by Major Hla Min) Regarding U Hla Htwe s question of the KNU and
the Government s peace talk, we have this meeting held in Mawlamyine on
22nd of Novemember, and I will give you a brief explanation on that
(Trnsltd by Col.Thein Swe) Regarding our last meeting with the KNU we have
to agree on principles on the point that like the other ethnic groups that
they have to agree on principle that they would give up their arms and
have to come into the legal fold. That is the point which we need to agree
during the previous meeting, not this one.

So when we meet again on 22nd of November, actually we have to discuss on
this point that whether they agree to give up their arms  and come into
the legal fold. That is what we have to agree. But on 22nd they said they
would like to skip that point and go on with the allocation of troops and
they would like to carry out border development, their area development
works. So this is the main principle which we have discussed with the
previous ethnic groups. So they have to go through the same procedure.
So SLORC as the governing body we have to go through the same procedure as
we have done with the other ethnic groups. We cannot have a double
standard. So we asked them to go back and discuss with their authorities
and come back again for the next meeting which we plan to do it next
month(?). So the SLORC as the governing body has to be very careful to go
through the same procedure otherwise it might create misunderstanding with
the previous groups.
Our side stressed on the point that we have been very patient, we are very
sincere and we have a very good intention to create peace and tranquillity
throughout the whole nation. So we streesed on those points and then we
decided to have another meeting with the KNU this month.

U Hla Htwe-- You want them to give the policy of armed struggle, not to
give up arms, isn t it?
(Trnsln) -- On the 16th one person from the KNU, he made a remark and it
was published in the Nation that SLORC asked them to give up their arms,
but actually what we would have to agree with the KNU is to give up the
policy of armed struggle, not to give up the arms at the moment. Because
we allow all the other ethnic groups to keep their arms. So they have to
follow the same principle, to give up the policy of armed struggle.

Question IV-- Vithoon Amorm of Reuters -- Regarding the investigation of
the attack on the Aung San Suu Kyi s convoy, from your investigation that
have you found any evidence to either substantiate  or to dismiss reports
that may be attackers were hired or recruited by the Burma s USDA? And
since the security car was also attacked why some of the attackers were
not arrested? The second question is regarding the roadblock on the
University Avenue, could I ask how long that will be maintained?          

Answer by Police Major-General Soe win-----------------
(Trnsld by U Kyaw thein) -- On the first question on November 18, U Tin Oo
field the complaint with the Bahann Police Station and he was asked to
come to the police station to make a statement. Well, he did not come to
the police station until the 20th, and in his complaint he has nine
witnesses to produce including himself. And these witnesses were asked to
be produced so that the investigating police officer could carry on with
his work. But on the 22nd, two witnesses only U Khin Maung win and U Aung
Kyi Nyunt turned up. On 23rd November, among the enlisted persons U Khin
Kyaw was summoned by the authorities to give their witness reports but U
Tin Oo asked that the said person was already cancelled from the list. On
the 24th, U Kyaw Hsan and U Toe Aung Than were summoned by the concerning
authorities but they said they were unable to turn up without informing U
Tin Oo. From 26th, the previous two persons were summoned by the
authorities concerned. U Tin Oo rejected and that they would not be
sending the witnesses any more.	On 30th November, including U Kyi Maung,
three witnesses were summoned again. That answers part of the question.

Q: U Aung Shwe Oo, NTP Correspondent
	You have said that some opposing political parties have been
hindiring Myanmar becoming full member in the ASEAN. ASEAN members simul
taneously with other observer members?

A:   U Ohn Gyaw
	Definitely yes.

Q:	Steven Brooke of Asia Times
	I would like to ask one now
relevant to the answer.

Q:	Matthew Pennington of AFP
	I would like you to respond to the second question of Reuters
correspondent. About the future of the blockade of the approches to the
University Avenue. Will police blockade be mounted every weekend?

A:	Col. Kyaw Win ( translated by U Kyaw Min )
	Regarding the roadblocks, whether it would be on or off depends on
Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, would depend on Daw Aung San Suu Kyi because we have
told her that she could hold meetings in her compound and although there
were other laws and rules which say, which restrict or have a restriction
on permission as to how many could attend and how  many could not. Well,
certain leniency has been shown and she could hold these meeting within
her compound in the ambit of the law and whether the blockade would be on
would depend on her wanting to hold it outside of the compound.