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Current news in Burma

Friday, Students from RIT (Rangoon Institute of Technology) and
Dagon university started to assemble this morning and marched to
the Thamai intersection. All the workers from Thamai Textile
factory and citizens cheered the students up. All the main roads
leading to Rangoon main university campus have been blocked by the Slorc
military personals.

All the students and citizens are nearly 10,000 now, said the
diplomats in Rangoon. 

At the moment, all the demonstrators are gathering at Hle Tan
intersection. Their demands are become more political than the demands two
days ago, said the witnesses in Rangoon.

Three days ago, U Tin Oo, vice-chairman of the NLD was
investigated for two hours by the military intelligence in his

On Thursday, more than 500 NLD members and political activists
went to U Tin Oo's compound to celebrate National Day because all
the ways to Daw Aung San Suu Kyi's residence was blocked by the
Slorc security personals. Finally, Slorc soldiers and riot police
came to U Tin Oo's house and warned them to disperse immediately.

Friday morning, the foreign Oil companies in Rangoon have made
some interviews with local people who want to get in oil
companies and will start their business in coming March or April,
said residents in Rangoon.

All Burma Students Democratic Front