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RE; Released DSSK speaks out.(7.12

Subject: RE; Released  DSSK speaks out.(7.121.96)

Democratic Voice of Burma ( SYDNEY )

		Released Suu Kyi speaks out

Rangoon -  Burma's  pro-democracy  opposition leader, Ms Aung San Suu Kyi, 
after being  released  from  confinement at her  Rangoon home, promptly  
renewed  her  call  for  Burma  to be  excluded  from the  Association  of  
South-East  Asian Nations.
Ms Suu Kyi, leader of the National League for Democracy, was permitted  by  
military  rulers to  attend a wedding  reception  and  National Day  
celebration  on  Thursday, two  days  after  she  was  first  confined  to  
her  house.
She  told  reporters  she  had  been  illegally  held  at  home. "But  today I 
 can  come  back," she said . "That's  fine. I am always  prepared  to  
compromise. If  they  put  a  proposition  to  me  in  a  civilized way."
Ms  Suu  Kyi  said  she  agreed  that  Burma  should  one day  be a member  of 
 ASEAN  "because  we  do  belong  to  the  region".
"But  for  Burma  under  SLORC  to  be  part  of  ASEAN, it  will  do  the  
organization  no  credit  at  all." 

Saturday, December 7, 1996