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Students stage another protest in Y

Subject: Students stage another protest in Yangon (The Hindu, 8/12/96.)

Students stage another protest in Yangon
The Hindu, 8/12/96.
>From V. jayanth
Students in Yangon staged another sit-in protest throughout 
last night in Myanmar, demanding the right to form their 
independent union. This was the second such demonstration this 
week, sending shock waves in the country.
According to sources. the riot police and the security forces 
tried to disperse the students, who sat down on a street junction 
near the University campus. In the end, the security forces 
unleashed water jets to remove the few hundred protesters who 
did not budge. They were then rounded up and taken in for 
questioning, the sources added. The students held placards 
demanding the revival of their union and the immediate release 
of about 80 of their colleagues, who were alleged to be still in 
detention after the previous protest.
Observers attach considerable significance to not only the 
increasing frequency of these protests, but also the numbers 
who brave the threat or consequences to participate in them.
Without wanting to come down with a heavy hand on student 
protests, the State Law and Order Restoration Council 
(SLORC) wants to ensure that they do not spread or link up 
with the Opposition National League for Democracy's (NLD) 
campaign. That is why the access to Ms. Suu Kyi's house in 
blocked immediately.