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Demonstration in Washington D.C on

Subject: Demonstration in Washington D.C on the recent crackdown in Burma

Demonstration in Washington D.C

November 8,1996
Burmese students and patriots gathered in front of the residence of
Slorc's Ambassador to the United States to protest against the SLORC's
latest crackdown on students demonstrators. Members of  the US based
Democratic Burmese Students Organization, Burma Action Committee,
Committee for Restoration of Democracy in Burma, Chin National Council
and National Coalition Government of  the Union of Burma. Student
representatives from Ba. Ka. Tha  , Ma Ka Tha (All Burma Students
Federation  Union),  Ya Ka Tha ( Rangoon University Students Union),
Medical Students Union, Ah Ka Tha (Basic Education Student Union), All
Burma Students Democratic Front and  also representatives from ethnic
democratic groups gave speeches denouncing SLORC's brutal treatment on
peaceful students demonstrators. Demonstration was successfully ended at
5:30 PM with slogans.
A reporter from Voice of America witnessed the demonstration.

Statement on the crackdown of student demonstration in Burma
December 7th 1996

We, exiled Burmese students, strongly condemn the violent crackdown of 
the peaceful student demonstration on December 7th. Peaceful student
demonstrators were severely beaten and arrested by riot police during
their sit-in protest against the oppressive rule of SLORC. We strongly
denounce SLORC's violent use of excessive force against student

We support the action of  the demonstrators and promise to do everything
we can to support their cause. We also warn SLORC to refrain from using
excessive force against peaceful demonstrators and to avoid the
bloodshed  that happened in 8.8.88 where thousands of peaceful
demonstrators were brutally gunned down on the street. 

We support the students' right to form their independent  student union.
Students have the right to exercise their fundamental human right to
found an independent student union which will protect their rights. The
latest incident of police brutality against the students have proven
that students rights are being abused by the oppressive military regime.

We demand that SLORC avoid solving the current crisis by very
short-sighted measures such as closing down colleges and universities,
branding students as trouble makers, arresting and intimidating
students, torture and expelling students from schools. Those
short-sighted measures will not solve the problem but provoke  more
demonstrations in the future.

SLORC has a history of claiming that students are "puppets who are being
exploited by political elements". This is the divide and rule tactic
used to divide and isolate students, workers and civilians. Since,
students are the children of the people, their suffering is students'
suffering. Students as a part of society are not immune from the
oppression of the military regime.  

We, hereby, demands SLORC to:

* release all students leaders and political activists
* respect the students' and people's right to freedom of speech, freedom
of press and freedom of  association
* reinstate all expelled students
* refrain from the use of excessive force with peaceful demonstrators
* initiate a genuine tripartite dialogue with the ethnic nationalities
and democratic forces led by Daw Aung San Suu Kyi to establish a
long-term peace and prosperity in Burma.

We call upon the international community, particularly the United States
Government to:

* denounce the brutal crackdown on peaceful demonstrators
* closely monitor the current crisis in Burma and pressure SLORC to
refrain from using excessive force in order to avoid blood-shed like in
* impose economic sanctions on Burma, since the current situation has
proven that oppression in Burma is mounting
* pressure SLORC to enter a tripartite dialogue

We denounce the ASEAN decision to admit Burma as a member neglecting the
outcry of ordinary Burmese citizens and request ASEAN to reconsider its
decision for the sake of establishing a long-term friendship and
understanding among citizens of Burma and ASEAN. 

All Arakanese  Students and Youth Congress
All Burma Basic Education Students Union
All Burma Students' Democratic  Front
All Burma Students Democratic  Organisation (Australia)
All Burma Students League (India)
All Burma Students League (Thailand)
Australian National Union of Students
8.8.88 Group (Japan)
Burma Action Committee
Chin Student Union
Democratic Party for New Society
Democratic Burmese Students Organization (USA)
Democratic Burmese Students Organization (Japan)
Free Burma International Student Solidarity Network
Kachin Youth Organization
National League for Democracy (Youth)-Liberated Area
Overseas Mon National Students Organisation