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BBC English Language Radio reports

Subject: BBC English Language Radio reports on Burma

A transcription of a news report carried by 
the BBC English Language World Service Radio 
at1400 GMT on December 9, 1996.

Headline Story: The Democratic opposition in Burma
has called on the military government to hold talks 
with the students and address their grievances.

Main Story:    The democratic opposition leader
Aung San Suu Kyi has urged the military authorities
to refrain from further violence against the
student protesters following the dispersal and
arrest of the demonstraters at the week-end.
She said that the accusations that her National
League for Democracy has helped instigate the
student protests were ridiculous. The military
should address the students' legitimate grievances
through direct talks, she said, instead of looking
for other people to blame over the unrest. The military
authorities have earlier ordered the suspension of
University classes in Rangoon. Teachers turned the
students away at the security points at the main
campuses. Some left their hostels for their homes
but about 600 students were reported  to have taken
part in another march through the City.

End of the story.