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Protest Rally in Canberra

                                SANCTION AGAINST BURMA

        10 December 1996

        On, 9 December 1996, the Burmese students, the Burmese
organisations, community and their supporters of about 100 people held a
protest rally in support of thousands of students and workers who
courageously held protests against the military regime in Rangoon on Monday,
Tuesday and Friday, last week. This protest rally was actually organised by
the Anti-SLORC action committee formed with All Burma Students' Democratic
Front, National League For Democracy (Liberated Area) Australia, Committee
For Restoration of Democracy in Burma, Karen Youth Organisation, Burmese
Family Sydney, Australian National Union of Students and Free Burma
International Students' Solidarity Network.

        The rally started at 13:00 O'clock at the Burmese Embassy (No. 22
Arkana Street, Yarralumla, Canberra).  Speakers at the rally included Maung
Maung Than of All Burma Students' Democratic Front, Ko Mahn Htun of All
Burma Students' Democratic Front, DR Aye Kyaw of National League For
Democracy (Liberated Area, Australia), DR Htin Kyaw of Committee for
Restoration of Democracy in Burma, Ko Benya of Anti-SLORC Action Committee
and Ko Than Zaw Htwe of Karen Youth Organisation.  

        The Demonstrators expressed their support for recent demonstration
in Burma the protest denounced the SLORC's crackdown on the students'
peaceful protest in Rangoon.  Then demonstrators proceeded to the Federal
Parliament at 14:30 o'clock and held a protest there.

        The Burmese rally called on the Federal Coalition Government of
Australia to impose economic Sanctions on Burma and demanded the SLORC
- to immediately release all detained students and political
- to meet the desires of the students
- to enter into an honest tripartite negotiation with the opposition groups
- to hand over the power as SLORC has promised before the election to the
National League for Democracy lead by Daw Aung San Suu Kyi that won the 1990

For further information contact the ABSDF on 0411 337 816, Dr Aye Kyaw on
9789 2121 and Banya on 0419 977 737.