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ABSDF current news in Burma (2)

Update situation in Burma 
December 9, 1996                         

1. On December 7, 1996, the owner of "Sein Ba Bu" laundry in
Railway Station St, Kamayut Township, was arrested and beaten to
death by riot police. The man has two children.

2. Two people from National League for Democracy (NLD), Han Win
Aung (Insein NLD) and Ko Hla Aung (Sanchaung NLD), were arrested
on December 8, 1996.

3. On December 9, some students tried to stage a rally at the
Sule Pagoda, in the centre of Rangoon, but their attempt failed
when riot police stopped them by closing the doors of the Sule
Pagoda and deploying 4 army trucks loaded with soldiers in a
"stand-by position".

4. Today, colleges and universities are closed despite no
announcement by the State media or radio. Arrangements were made
for students who live far from Rangoon to return homes by special
trains. Students who live near Rangoon were returned home by the
trucks of the Slorc's Road, Transport and Administration

5. Telephone lines are getting difficult to access.

6. There have been reports that students in Mandalay, Moulmein,
Magwe and Taunggyi have also attempted to stage demonstrations.