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drug buma info

burmausa@xxxxxxxxxxxxx (Leslie B. Kean)

Dear Eric and Leslie,

Check out Drug Section, EUROBURMANET. Please let us know what you think
if you find it

Check out Drug Section, EUROBURMANET. 

As we told Strider and Simon Billenness and Zar Ni over a year ago, only
when the US leadership (Congress, agencies etc) got serious  about
talking Drugs in Burma, with activist support, would the Free Burma
movement take on added impact value towards critical mass -- hitting
America at home, on the streets, next door.

The story by Leslie Kean on the Net is alarmingly and timely. Well done. 

Its up on EuroBurmanet. Please let us know what you think if you find
EBN helpful and informative. 

If you  have information that you do not find there  that you think may
be of interest and utility to Burma readers and activists, and if  so,
please inform me. 

EBN complemenets FBC and Burmanet well.  Sharing resources and energy in
the right spirit for a common goal. Day by day updates and full archive
retrieval software design.

Not much is reported in the US on the French heroin problem, but its
bad. Ask Beatrice Dalle, French movie actress, or Francoise Sagan,
French writer. Both indicted for hard drugs...Of course, problem not
confined to rich and famous...It would be good to follow up the French
drug problem and give it the media attention it merits -with link to

Metta, Dawn Star, EBN, Paris
(Over 30 000 hits/visits per day - for a Free Burma)

2 Dec 1996 
 Re: The SLORC and Drug Trade

Dear Eric, 
I have a cover story, feature article on SLORC and drugs in The Nation 
(US weekly magazine) Dec. 16 issue. ("People of the Opiate") It will be 
on newstands this week, and will be posted on BurmaNet within a few 
days. It has lots of hard evidence. If you email me a fax number, I can 
fax it to you. Or call your local bookstore/magazine shop to find out 
when it will be in. Hope this helps,
Leslie Kean,Burma Project USA

You wrote: 
Burma both in International Relations and in the world market, but I
need some 
hardevidence linking the SLORC to the heroin trade of the region.  If I 
have missed any posts about this inthe last month, I'd appreciate it if
forwarded them to me.  If not, then how about helping out a fellow
FreeBurma supporter, and finding something?
Thank you all for your time,
>Eric Shoemaker