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Yearning for Freedom 
Human Rights & Peace in Asia

Saturday, December 14
1:30 pm-5:30 pm
Learning Alliance, 324 Lafayette St., 7th flr.

$10/$15/$25 (sliding scale)
Info and registration (212-226-7171

>From Beijing to Jakarta, Asia's autocratic rulers argue that universal human
rights standards should not apply to them -- that Asians must give up their
rights to get economic development. Torture, "disappearances" and
repression, they say, are the inevitable (and acceptable) price of
stability, growth and the enforcement of "consensus" from above.

Western governments and corporations criticize that rhetoric -- while they
support it. Corporations sign contracts; the U.S. government supplies arms
for repression. But must most lose, so that some can prosper? What is the
price in human suffering of sneakers and stereos? How can we support those
struggling for human rights and freedom for Tibet, Kashmir, East Timor and

Join us for an in-depth look at those countries as we also explore regional
issues of child labor, sweatshops, prostitution, the links between human
rights and development and U.S. policy toward the region's dictators. There
will also be cultural contributions from the region.

Speakers include:
Amy Goodman (WBAI and Pacfica Radio), Constancio Pinto (National Council of
Maubere Resistance), Jamyang Norbu (Amnye Machen Institute), Dr.
Miraj-ud-Din Munshi (Kashmiris for Independence), Jeff Ballinger (Press for
Change (Nike Campaign)), Stephen R. Shalom (Campaign for Peace and
Democracy), Yodon Thonden (Int'l Committee of Lawyers for Tibet), Zar Ni
(Free Burma Coalition)

Co-sponsors (list in formation):
Campaign for Peace & Democracy, East Timor Action Network, Free Burma
Coalition, Kashmiris for Independence, Learning Alliance, Students for a
Free Tibet, U.S. Tibet Committee.

John M. Miller                Internet:fbp@xxxxxxxxxxx
East Timor Action Network
PO Box 150753                 
Brooklyn, NY 11215-0014 USA   Phone: (718)788-6071
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