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Suu Kyi refutes charges of NLD role

Subject: Suu Kyi refutes charges of NLD role in protests (The Asian Age, 10/12/96.)

Suu Kyi refutes charges of NLD role in protests
The Asian Age, 10/12/96.
Rangoon, Dec. 9: Burma's Opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi 
rejected government charges on Monday that her party was 
linked to spreading student protests and called on the country's 
military rulers to seek new solutions to the unrest.
Responding to accusations by a spokesman for the ruling State 
Law and Order Restoration Council that some members of her 
National League for Democracy, Communist elements its and 
exiles, were, linked to the demonstrations.
"We have evidence that not only some National League of 
Democracy members but also members of the All Burma 
Students' Democratic Front and underground elements of the 
Burma Communist Party are deeply involved in this unrest," a 
spokesman for the military government said.
The Bangkok-based ABSDF's membership is made up of 
students who have fled the country since an abortive uprising in 
The BCP is outlawed in Burma.  "We are trying to flush out 
these elements as they come out to the front of unrest," the 
government spokesman added. "We expect after a short period 
of time, things will return to normal."
Nobel Peace Prize winner Sun Kyi rejected the charge that the 
NLD, be ed from taking power after winning the 1990 general 
elections, was involved in the protest.
"This is absolutely ridiculous. They should deal with their 
problems instead of trying to rind someone else to blame," she 
said on telephone.
"They are never prepared to accept their responsibility as a 
government.  This theory of conspiracy is totally out of date."
"We want some more modern approach (to deal with the 
problems)," the Opposition leader added.
Witnesses      said     soldiers moved in on Monday afternoon to 
disperse about 120 students who had gates a rally outside the 
gates of another university campus. (Reuter)