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Dutch lady 'journalist' deported by

Subject: Dutch lady 'journalist' deported by Burma (The Asian Age, 10/12/96.)

Dutch lady 'journalist' deported by Burma 
The Asian Age, 10/12/96.
Bangkok, Dec. 9: Burma on Monday deported a Dutch woman 
who it said had been working illegally as a journalist covering 
student protests in the country. 
"She came into the country posing as a tourist but she was 
actually covering the student incidents. She was found out and 
deported," a Burmese military government spokesman told 
Reuters over the telephone from Rangoon. 
Burma is strict on ensuring journalists have visas. Recently its 
embassies abroad have issued journalist visas on a selective 
basis only ahead of monthly news conference organised by the 
ruling State Law and Order Restoration Council. The deported 
woman, Ms Williamke Joanna Nyhuis, said on arrival in 
Bangkok that she had denied the Burmese charges when 
interrogated in Rangoon. Ms Nyhuis said she was questioned on 
Sunday by Burmese immigration officials about links with the 
protesting students an Opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi. 
"They refused to say why I was being deported," she added. 
She declined to disclose her profession. SLORC has faced its 
biggest challenge from protesting students since troops crushed 
students-led pro-democracy uprising in 1988. (Reuter)