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Protests in Burma; universities clo

Subject: Protests in Burma; universities closed (The Times of India, 10/12/96.)

Protests in Burma; universities closed 
The Times of India, 10/12/96.
BY Petrick McDowell 
RANGOON:        Baton-wielding Burmese riot police chased 
protesting students through the streets of Rangoon on Monday, 
as the military government closed universities following the 
largest demonstration of civil unrest since the democracy 
uprising of 1988. 
Military intelligence accused Nobel Peace prize winner Aung 
San Suu Kyi of inciting the student unrest and confined her to 
her home on Monday. , 
"We have told her that there are evidences of (her party's) 
involvement, underground communist activity and incitement by 
the exiled All Burma Student Democratic Front during the 
recent student unrest," said Col. Hla Min of military 
intelligence. Both the students and Suu Kyi have denied any 
"This is absolutely ridiculous,' Suu Kyi said by telephone. 'They 
(the government) are never prepared to accept their 
responsibilities. This conspiracy theory is totally out of date.' 
Following a protest march and sit-in by students, traffic police 
sealed off roads leading , to all three campuses of Rangoon 
University. (AP)