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[Fwd: The situation regarding the s

Subject: [Fwd: The situation regarding the student demonstration.]

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Subject: The situation regarding the student demonstration.
Date: 10 Dec 1996 12:13:19 GMT
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The situation regarding the student demonstration.
	On 8-12-96 small groups of students who had been politically
instigated and fed false information, entered the Yangon University (Main
Campus) and the Hlaing College Campus and circulated around the
residential hostels shouting and exhorting others to join them . The
Majority of the students, aware of the true situation refused to join in.
As a result the gathering of students dispersed after a short time.

	On 9-12-96, universities and institutes made their own individual
arrangements to temporarily suspend classes and closed the main entrances.
But teaching staff were on duty at the gates to explain the situation to
those students who came to attend classes.

	Similarly, about 1000 students arrived at Dagon University. Of
these, some went home after the university authorities had explained the
situation. But the remaining group of about 400, who were not students of
Dagon University tried to organize some others to accompany them, saying
they were proceeding to Hledan and left on foot shouting anti-government
slogans on the way. The Minister for Education met them as they proceeded
and tried to pacify them and make them see reason, but to no avail. They
pushed their way through and continued in the direction of Hledan.
Responsible officials were therefore obliged to barricade all roads
leading to the city and bread up the crowd, as a result of which it
dispersed at 1718 hours. This crowd while on its way, surrounded and beat
up one Lance Corporal Kyaw Ohn who was seriously hurt and had to be

	In the same way, of those students who arrived at Kyimyindine
College, many went home after the teachers had explained the true
situation, but those who did not belong to this college refused to leave
and began to make anti-government speeches in front of the college. One
member of the Sangha also joined in to support the trouble makers and put
pressure on those responsible. At that moment, the Minister for Education
arrived and explained the whole situation. But the trouble makers
numbering about 300, refused to listen and began to proceed towards the
city while shouting slogans. The crowd dispersed when security personnel
stopped then from going farther. 

	A few students of Botahtaung College and the Insein Government
Technical Institute made some attempts to gather into a crowd but because
the majority refused to join them, their attempts to create unrest did not

Source : Myanmar Authority Concerned