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Burma accuses U.S. of preparing to

Subject: Burma accuses U.S. of preparing to use sanctions

	Subject: Burma accuses U.S. of preparing to use sanctions

    	RANGOON, Dec 11 (Reuter) - Burma on Wednesday said the
	United States was trying to use government restrictions on
	opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi's movements during current
	student unrest as an excuse to impose sanctions.
	"The U.S. embassy has tried to bring her outside, knowing
	that it will be refused. I can see the trend is definitely
	heading toward creating more pressure for sanctions," a senior
	government official told Reuters.
	The official repeated an earlier clarification that the
	ruling State Law and Order Restoration Council's (SLORC) request
	for Suu Kyi to temporarily confine herself in her house was made
	out of sincere concern for her safety.
	The Nobel peace laureate was asked by the SLORC not to leave
	her lakeside residence for two days last week, after Rangoon's
	biggest street protests since pro-democracy uprisings in 1988.
	Suu Kyi's aides said she had since chosen to stay mostly
	inside her compound rather than seek advance government approval
	to go out.
	Party officials at her National League for Democracy said
	she had also refrained from going out to avoid being drawn into
	the student unrest.
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