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Media release fron the Anti-SLORC a

Subject: Media release fron the Anti-SLORC action committee

A Burmese delegation of the Anti-SLORC action committee paid a courtesy call
to Hon. Laurie Brereton MP. Shadow Minister for Foreign Affairs, Australia
at his office at the Parliament House in Canberra on 11.12.96. at 11:30 a.m.
The delegation included  U Kin Oung, Patron of C.R.D.B.(International), DR
Raymond Tint Way, Chairman of C.R.D.B. (Australia), Saw Lwin Oo, Chairman of
C.R.D.B.(N.S.W.), DR Aye Kyaw, Co-ordinator of National League for Democracy
(L.A.) Australia, Mg Mg Than and Ko San Lin of A.B.S.D.F. Mr Laurie Brereton
explained about the review of the Labour Party's attitude towards Burma and
that trade sanctions should be on the Australian Agenda.With Hon. Laurie
Brereton, his adviser DR Philip Dorling was also present. The Burmese
delegation expressed their heart-felt thanks to Hon. Laurie Brereton for his
tougher stand against the brutal military regime in Burma and requested his
continued efforts to bring human-rights and democravy to Burma. The meeting
was very warm and cordial and ended at about 12:30 p.m.
"The only thing you should fear is fear itself..."